Ecuador: President Correa inaugurates modern health infrastructure in Quito

16 July 2015

modern health facility in quitoThe hospital is located in Calderón, in the north de Quito. / Carlos Rodríguez-Andes

About 5,000 people came to the parish of Calderón, in northern Quito to attend the inauguration of the country’s most modern teaching hospital of the same name, the second modern hospital to be inaugurated this year, in 30 years there has not been such works.

President Rafael Correa and the Minister of Public Health, Carina Vance, toured the facilities of the center of the second level, with 150 beds for hospitalization and 48 emergency stretchers while a crowd awaited for the opening ceremony.

The result of the so-called waste of money of the Citizen Revolution

Among the audience were many people of humble origins including young people and professionals who highly value the government policies in this field. In the past eight years the investment has been 11,000 million at a rate of 1.375 million per year.

Minister Vance said, “This is the so-called waste of money of the Citizen Revolution. (…) What should have been done a long time ago “and said the government hopes that this is a revolution of healthy people.

Amid cries of “Re-election, reelection !, President Correa took the microphone to explain firsthand the “difficult times” being experienced by the country due to a combination of factors, mainly due to the economic situation resulting from the lowering of oil prices  and the appreciation of the dollar.

However, he criticized the opposition with their lack of “political culture” and their involvement in attempts to destabilize the government, even calling for a national strike on the 13th of August. “Do not be fooled” Correa said to the audience.

“Correa is not going, the Citizen Revolution will remain,” he said amid cheers. “In difficult times, all we have to watch our back,” he said.

No work has been stopped, no one has stopped receiving a salary

The Ecuadorian President dismissed criticism from elite groups opposed to the government and the measures taken or proposed laws like the redistribution of wealth (or Inheritance Act) and the Territorial Reorganization (or Capital Gains). He explained that the measures taken do not seek to guarantee revenue to the government, but are structural, with the aim of reducing the huge inequalities that still persist in Ecuador and the region.

He also questioned the fact that Latin America is the most unequal continent of the planet but it is proclaimed as “the most Catholic.”

Moreover, he commented that especially in Ecuador and despite the economic situation, “no work has been stopped and no retired has stopped receiving its pension,” though it has been necessary to postpone works due to investment issues and affect wealthy products imports.

“Health is not charity, it is a right, it is fair”  

The head of state announced the construction of a new hospital with 500 beds in Guayaquil, Guayas’ capital, the largest in the country with more than 2 million inhabitants. “Health is not charity, it is a right, it is fair,” he affirmed.

He added that 606 citizens will work in this hospital built in Calderón for 73 million dollars, there will also be 21 areas of health for a 500,000 people population, including a trauma department that will allow dealing with accident cases in the Mariscal Sucre airport.

When concluding, Alberto Pilco, 90, told Andes that “this is how a president who loves his country works.”

Jorge Ilbai, a sweeper of the area, affirmed “this hospital is the best work for people living in the north, because there has never been works like this.”

Source:   President Correa inaugurates modern health infrastructure in Quito

2 thoughts on “Ecuador: President Correa inaugurates modern health infrastructure in Quito

  1. The best ways to respond to those who oppose the Citizens’Revolution in Ecuador is to ensure that two essential processes take place all across that beautiful country.

    First, the government must continue to change the landscape of Exuador by investing the peoples’ money to construct infrastructure like schools, universities, housing, sport complexes, roads, electricity grids and hospitals in places where the oligarchy and imperialist servants who have ruled the country for decades before President Correas have never even thought of putting these facilities.

    That is the significance of the modern hospital recently opened by President Correas and his government in Calderon to the North of Quito after 30 years of neglect by the same political representatives of the oligarchy and its imperialist masters who have the audacity to oppose the government’s bills to address the entrenched inequalities that their policies have created between the superrich and the super poor in Ecuador.

    Indeed, those political forces who oppose the government’s efforts to create a more equal and fair political economy in Ecuador that improves the lives of those who are stuck at the bottom of the society are the same ones who are trying to destabilize the society with violence and bombings. The reason for this type of response is quite simple, the oligarchy and the guardians of imperial interests in Ecuador and globally have NO answers to the problems of structural inequalities and their allied consequences of poverty, hunger and underdevelopment that are always the results of dependent capitalism that they are only too willing to manage as the junior partners of their imperialist masters.

    They are becoming increasingly terrified and therefore desperate that as the Citizens’ Revolution deepens and broadens in its efforts to provide health care services in places like Calderon and Guayaquil that they have always abandoned, they are worried that their political relevance to huge swats of the poor population will vanish. Hence, these political thugs in expensive suits have only one answer to the revolution-violence and propaganda to instill fear and instability across the society.

    In this context, the second imperative of the Citizens’ Revolution in Ecuador is to increasingly prepare the main beneficiaries of the revolution, namely, the workers, peasants, students and segments of the progressive middle classes to defend the revolution and organize for its deepening and broadening to capture even more support among all segments of the population. The latter necessarily means that the political leadership of the revolution must fight against and root out all manifestations of corruption and cronyism that will probably emerge as the revolution evolves. The latter tendencies must be defeated as they only play into the hands of the oligarchy and imperialism and will be used by them as propaganda to discredit the revolution in the eyes of the people.

    Lastly, to prepare for the fierce defense of the Citizens’ Revolution against its class enemies also means getting ready for the inevitable intensification of the political, ideological and propaganda battles around their destabilization efforts in all spheres including the economy. Those who defend the revolution must be prepared to organize the people to do battle on all fronts with the political representatives of the oligarchy and imperialism who have no moral limits to protect their interests.

    Peace if you are willing to fight for it!

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