Cuban Customs Successfully Facing New Challenges

Source:  Cuban News Agency

July 14 2015

cuban customs face new challengesCuban Customs have detected 46 drug traffic and consumption-related cases, though the institution still must systematically increase preparation to face a complex scenario marked by diverse ways used to import such narcotic drugs.

The announcement was made by Colonel Nelson Cordobes, first vice-chief of the Cuban General Customs Services at the Parliament´s National Defense Commission.

Up to date, Customs officials have confiscated 27. 25 kilos of cocaine; 30.46 kilos of marijuana and detected 0.5 kilos of drug already consumed, thanks to the high-tech equipment being used in air terminals.

The official said that they have detected 10,939 violations from January to June, out of which 5,920 are related to rules established for the import of non-commercial items.

Importing for counter-revolutionary acts

Some of these violations have included attempts to introduce satellite equipment and subversive literature aimed at doing counterrevolutionary acts, along with fire weapons and other artifacts that pose a threat to the country´s security.

Attempts to import highly demanded goods at the informal market still persist, the official said and added that they have also detected attempts to take out of Cuba some items like medications, patrimonial items, animals, and others.

In the face of changing scenarios, the official said that the Customs services are consolidating their current detection systems and improving its control activity in terms of aviation security at the exit of international airports, particularly for direct flights to the U.S.A., they are also improving the dispatch system for travelers and purchasing technology to allow for more effective detection and control work.

Source:   Cuban Customs efficiently thwarts drug traffic attempts   Cuban News Agency

One thought on “Cuban Customs Successfully Facing New Challenges

  1. The test begins: Cuba must now show the world how a highly-organized society can protect itself from the negative self-centred values of the behemoth bully.

    More wisdom, courage and strength to all their people.

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