Message from Raúl to Prime Minister of Greece on referendum victory

Source:  Granma

raul 65July 5, 2015

Compañero Alexis Tsipras
Prime Minister
Hellenic Republic

Esteemed Prime Minister:

I extend to you my most sincere congratulations on the ‘NO’ victory achieved in the referendum held in Greece, July 5, 2015

This result demonstrates the majority support of the Greek people for the courageous policy of the government over which you preside.

I reiterate the assurance of my highest consideration.

Raúl Castro Ruz
President of the Councils of State and Ministers of the Republic of Cuba

Source:  Message from Raúl to Prime Minister of Greece  Granma

2 thoughts on “Message from Raúl to Prime Minister of Greece on referendum victory

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  2. The congratulatory letters and messages from President Raul Castro and his legendary brother Fidel Castro and other Latin American leaders are excellent and welcomed for several reasons.

    First, these messages are important because they are expressions of resentment to the attack on Greece’s sovereignty by the European Central Bank or ECB, the EU and the IMF to impose on Greece austerity policies as means to control its economy and people within global capitalism. As such, these messages of solidarity with the Greek people are necessarily anti-imperialist since Greek’s sovereignty like that of any other country on our planet is persistently threatened by imperialism and its institutions such as those earlier cited.

    Secondly, these messages of solidarity are significant also in light of the growing and deepening socio-economic, socio-political, racial and cultural inequalities occurring in Greece, the USA and elsewhere in the world. In this context, these solidarity messages endorsing the NO vote of the majority of the Greek people are simultaneously an acknowledgement of the failure of the criminal austerity policies to reduce the growing inequalities in Greece and globally. The failure of the austerity policies of the EU, the ECB and the IMF to decrease these inequalities in Greece is manifested in their increased social costs on growing numbers of children eating food from garbage containers, increased child prostitution, suicide rates, 30% unemployment rate, 25% decline in GDP among other devastating statistics which show that these stupid austerity policies are worsening not resolving the inequalities in Greece or anywhere else on the globe.

    Thirdly, these solidarity messages with the NO vote of the Geeek people are an important part of what appears to be a growing global movement against austerity policies including those in the US . Indeed, the message of solidarity sent to the Greek people by US presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders is significant as he specifically deplored the destructive nature of austerity policies and inequalities in his message. Senator Sanders’ message is also important because so far his anti- austerity and anti-inequality messages are resonating with growing numbers of Anericans who like the Greek people have experienced the savagery of austerity policies on health services, education, jobs and other social programs which have devastated their standard of living. The fact is that austerity programs whether in Greece, the US, Spain, Italy or Jamaica have the same effects on an economy, namely, it depresses demand for goods and services, labor and all other resources and consequently pushes an economy into recession not prosperity.

    Fourthly, these messages of solidarity from the legendary Castro brothers and other leaders in Latin America including presidential candidate, Senator Sanders help to highlight the lack of civilization of the Germans, the French and the other EU leaders towards other Europeans in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. These so-called civilized European leaders particularly the Germans and French are quite content with children in Greece eating out of garbage containers and being prostitutes so long as German and French and other bankers are repaid the bigger portion of the nearly $300 billion debt that Greece owes. What is civilized about putting bankers over children eating? What is civilized about cutting the pensions of pensioners? Where is the civility of Merkel and Holland and those bureaucrats and technocrats at the EU, the ECB and the IMF who are quite content with cutting spending on stimulus programs to invest in infrastructure and research and development to create jobs and incomes for unemployed Greeks? Where is the economic sense for college students including students with graduate degrees for whom millions were spent for their training to be waiting tables taking away jobs from their less educated Greek patriots?

    Finally, it is clear that though the Greeks are unquestionably Europeans, the EU and the ECB as well as the IMF that is also headed by a Feench citizen are obviously not working to create economic growth and prosperity for them. As such if leaving the EU will give them their own currency and more sovereignty over their economy, that is what they should do. If an institution is not working for a people, abandoning that institution is not only morally responsible, it is also politically and economically responsible to reclaim its dignity and sovereignty but it is also a necessary step to leave depression and stagnation behind.

    If the EU, the ECB and the IMF have any civility and credibility left they should redeem themselves by writing off huge portions of Greece’s debt and provide generous repayment schedule for other portions of it like Germany got after World War 11. Greece needs these freed up funds to spend in order to stimulate deficient demand by creating investment, jobs and incomes to grow and develop. That is what civilization and economic rationality look like unlike austerity economics which depresses demand and kills people.

    Peace if you are willing to fight for it!

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