Fidel Castro pays visit to Havana research centre

Source:  Cuban News Agency
July 4 2015

fidel visits food research centre in havanaThe historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro visited the Food Industry Research Center Friday evening, where he exchange views for over four hours with 19 cheese makers who are taking a course at that center in Havana.

The meeting was marked by Fidel´s reflections on the impact on the food supply levels for the populations by phenomena like climate change and frequent wars. Participants also addressed production levels and the quality reached in the production of cheese in Cuba before the economic crisis that hit the island in the 1990s, called the Special Period. They stressed the need for the country to recapture the levels of production which it boasted before the crisis.

Some cheese makers with vast experience and trained during those years, briefed Fidel on several initiatives underway to progressively recover previous cheese production levels with appropriate quality.

The meeting was also attended by Food Industry minister Maria del Carmen Concepcion and members of her staff, as well as professors at the Institute.

Source:  Fidel Castro pays visit to Havana research center  Cuban News Agency

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