Greek referendum on European Union austerity, 5 July

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This video says about itself:

Anti-austerity rally in Greece on eve of EU crisis meet

21 June 2015

Protesters are calling on the Greek government to defy its international creditors, and reject austerity. Thousands gathered in Athens ahead of last ditch talks, aimed at securing a debt deal, and keeping Greece in the Eurozone.

As Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras announced that Greece will hold a referendum to ask the Greek people if they approve of a bailout deal with the country’s creditors, here is a final draft of the creditors proposal for Greece, as it was obtained by the Financial Times. The referendum, to be conducted on July 5th, will ask the Greek citizens if they approve a deal based on the following document the Greek government has already described as “humiliating” since it includes more austerity for the country.

From Keep Talking Greece:


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