Cuba at the Peoples’ Summit: A better world is not only possible, but necessary

people's summit CELAC EU 2015Source:  Granma

June 12, 2015


Cuban Vice President Miguel Díaz-Canel spoke yesterday, June 11, at the Peoples’ Summit, held parallel to the CELAC-EU Summit in Brussels, and stated that not only is a better world possible, but necessary for the survival of humanity

Miguel Díaz-Canel BermúdezMiguel Díaz-Canel, First Vice President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, declared yesterday, June 11, during his remarks to the Peoples’ Summit, that not only is a better world possible, but in fact necessary for the survival of humanity.

The event coincided with the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC)-European Union Summit, also held in Brussels.

Díaz-Canel conveyed greetings to the gathering from the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and President Raúl Castro Ruz.

Miguel Diaz-Canel at CELAC-EU summit 2015He noted that the many years of efforts to isolate Cuba in Latin America have given way to a time of changes, which are benefiting the people across the continent.

Latin America and the Caribbean – A Zone of Peace

He likewise highlighted the importance of the CELAC proclamation of the region as a zone of peace, and its call to respect the right of all to choose their own political, economic and social system.

Source:  A better world is not only possible, but necessary  Granma

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4 thoughts on “Cuba at the Peoples’ Summit: A better world is not only possible, but necessary

  1. The phrase “Another world is possible and necessary” is not only true but it is also urgent to save mankind from the multiple disasters and catastrophes that imperialism and the local oligarchies across the world have created for all of us everywhere on the planet.

    However, what concretely does it mean to say that another world is possible?

    To put it simply and briefly, for me it means several things. First and foremost it means that humanity i.e. all human beings of all races, colors, religions, sexual orientations, gender and geographic regions of the world can live without poverty, hunger, homelessness, diseases, illiteracy, militarism and wars.

    Secondly, another world is possible also means that all human beings whether we reside in Africa, Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia or the Caribbean can reorganize the political, economic, social and cultural systems that rule our lives to eliminate oppression, exploitation, racism, discrimination, the haves and the have nots in our midst. The latter effectively means that all the economic, political, technological, scientific, cultural and social resources of mankind must be used to improve the material and spiritual lives of all 7.5 billion human beings on earth.

    Thirdly, another world is possible also means that to use the planetary resources to solve the burning problems of humanity such as jobs, education, health, hunger, the digital divide, inequality and above all else climate change, cooperation between all peoples rather than competition which capitalism engenders must be integral to the practice between Asians and Africans, Europeans and Latin Americans and North Americans and everyone else in all of these problem areas. In other worlds, there must be much more global cooperation and solidarity and much less ‘dog eat dog competition’ to solve the pressing human problems across the globe. In fact, I believe that the evidence is convincingly clear that ‘dog-eat-dog competition’ that is fostered by market capitalism to cut costs and lead to efficient resource utilization is structurally incapable of solving the earlier cited human problems because its primary objective is to maximize profits for capitalists and not to maximize the social welfare of humanity.

    To cooperate globally in using resources would mean for example that it would not be tolerated for any human being to live in hovels, without electricity and in poverty. Indeed, the technology exists to feed every single human being on the planet and to construct homes and teach every human being to read and write.

    In this context, it is worth knowing that the Cuban people under the leadership of their revolutionary leaders eliminated illiteracy in a few years with much less technology than exists today. For example, there was no internet and therefore no Facebook and Twitter to facilitate bringing literacy to millions of poor Cubans. Despite the latter technological limitations, the Cubans employed traditional technology namely their feet, hands and brains to reach the millions of illiterates that US imperialism and the Cuban oligarchy created and abandoned. Thus, if then the Cuban people could have uprooted illiteracy, electrify practically the whole country and provided health care and education to all Cubans just imagine what is possible today with all the fancy technology to reach hundreds of millions of illiterates around the globe. The only element lacking is the inadequate political will of governments around the world that are more committed to make corporations and billionaires even richer than they are instead of disbursing resources to teach the illiterates and to build homes for those living in hovels and shanty towns!

    Fourthly, another world is possible necessarily means that to construct that world, the peoples of the world particularly the vast majority of us who are not beneficiaries of imperialism and other oppressive a systems like capitalism and feudalism must be uprooted through persistent political and social organization and struggles.
    In other words, to create an alternative world that ends poverty, racism and all forms of discrimination, homelessness, chronic unemployment and other social vices that plague the lives of over 3 billion people on the planet according to some estimates, the world’s masses must necessarily be anti-imperialist and anti-oligarchy since it is these oppressive systems that create the referenced social vices that plague the majority of the planet’s inhabitants.

    Fifthly, another world is possible also means the end of imperialist wars like those in Iraq and Lybia and elsewhere. Imperialist wars are very expensive. For example according to two of Anerica’s economists Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes their book “The Six Trillion Dollar War”, the Iraqi war alone will eventually cost the Anerican taxpayers an estimated $6 trillion. Clearly, the monetary value of this criminal war does not include the opportunity costs of the thousands of invaders who were killed and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi who were killed. In other words, another world is possible is a world of peace where resources including human lives are used to optimize the social welfare of all human beings! Peace negates wars and therefore the opportunity costs of wasted resources such as homes, schools, hospitals, nurseries and other infrastructure being constructed to improve lives.

    Finally, another world is possible also must necessarily embrace revolutions against all oppressive systems including imperialism first and foremost.
    In other words, revolutions are concrete manifestations of the phrase “another world is possible” because revolutions create alternatives to the status quo of oppression, racial and other forms of discrimination, police brutality, sex trafficking of young children and women, wars, hunger, climate crisis and corporate bailouts. The Cuban revolution and increasing the revolutions unfolding in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and elsewhere are living proofs of the latter despite their shortcomings and challenges.

    Thus, revolutions are necessarily anti- imperialist and anti-capitalist particularly if they pursue the logic of anti-capitalism. In other words, socialism fully under the democratic control of working people at all levels of a socialist society has also an integral part of the other world being sought as a part of the canvass of human alternatives. The latter despite the bad names given to socialism by imperialism to discard it as an alternative to the world they desire as ‘the end of history.’ Frankly, it must also be said that the bad names attributed to socialism by capitalist ideologues was earned by the de facto practice of socialism in several of the former socialist countries in Europe and elsewhere. These bad names were rightly ascribed to socialism because of the latter’s excessive state control in the economy, the extreme marginalization of the private sector, the terrible treatment of dissidents, the corruption of ” socialist leaders” and other petty and tactical mistakes.

    However, as the late great Kwame Ture aka Stokley Carmichael reminds us just as we don’t judge Christianity by the practice of Christians so too we should not judge socialism by the practice of socialists.

    In closing, why is another world necessary and urgent for mankind?

    Simply put, without this new world, millions of people or perhaps hundreds of millions of peoples of all races, colors, religions and genders will die of hunger, diseases, in wars and from the rapidly growing effects of climate change such as droughts, rising seas, increasingly stronger hurricanes and flooding among others.

    Yes indeed another world is possible, necessary and urgent but only if hundreds of millions of human beings bond together in solidarity to smash imperialism and the local oligarchies in all countries on the planet!

    It is indispensable to say that another world is indeed possible, necessary and urgent and its main obstacles are imperialism, militarism, racism and wars!

    Peace if you are willing to fight for it!

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