Raul Castro: Cuba will continue to support Serbia’s territorial integrity

Cuba will continue to support Serbia in its efforts to preserve its territorial integrity and sovereignty, Cuban President Raul Castro said  during a meeting with his Serbian counterpart Tomislav Nikolic.

raul y tomislav

The Cuban president thanked his Serbian colleague for the visit and support in re-establishing a dialogue with the US.

President Nikolic was on an official three-day visit to Cuba where he met with top Cuban political leaders and spoke of the strong ties of friendship between the Cuban and Serbian people.

tomislav nikolic y Miguel diaz

Tomislav Nikolic meets Miguel Díaz-Canel, First Vice President
of the Council of State of Cuba

Serbia is a country that can serve as an example of how to fight for freedom

Serbia is a country that can serve as an example of how to fight for freedom and independence, which it has shown multiple times in its history. During World War Two, Serbia contributed immensely to the victory over fascism and sacrificed a lot in the battle against this evil.  Its struggle for freedom and peace, unfortunately, has not ended, Raul noted.

nikolic lays wreath in honour of ww2 victims

Photo: President Nikolic lays a wreath at the Sumarice Memorial Park in Kragujevac, central Serbia, commemorating National World War II Victims on Remembrance Day – October 21

Improving economic relations

Raul also highlighted the importance of improving economic relations between the two countries, especially in the health care, agriculture, transportation and pharmaceutical industries.  The Cuban president noted that legislation changes, which have already started, can impact significantly on the cooperation that is possible in these areas.

On Tuesday, Cuban President Raul Castro presented Nikolic with the Order of Jose Marti, Cuba’s top state honor

serbian president receives cuban top national award

This was the first visit to the island by a Serbian president since former Yugoslavia disintegrated. Bilateral relations between Cuba and Serbia were established August 30, 1943.

Source:  Serbians and Cubans “share passion for freedom”  b92.net

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