President Nikolic: The Serbian and Cuban people share the same passion


May 20 2015

esteban lazo y tomislav nikolic serbian presidentThe fate of Serbia and Cuba is very similar and the two peoples share the same passion for freedom and independence, said Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic during his visit to Cuba, as he met with President of the National Assembly of People’s Power Esteban Lazo Hernandez.

The basis of bilateral relations should be sincere friendship

All Cuban ambassadors who have been posted in Belgrade can testify to the fact that the Serbian people love the Cuban people, remarked President Nikolic.  It is important, the president emphasized, that the friendship between two peoples not be based only on economic cooperation; rather, the basis of bilateral relations should be sincere friendship which then forms a strong foundation for economic cooperation,

Nikolic’s press service said in a statement that he “expressed his satisfaction over the opening of dialogue between Cuba and the United States and the hope that the talks will continue in the interest of both countries.”

Thanked Cuba for its principled support

The Serbian president thanked Cuba for “the principled support to the non-recognition of the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo.”

Esteban Lazo Hernandez said he was happy that a top-level visit had occurred after so many years and that it had special significance because it was happening at a key historical moment for Cuba.  Lazo also highlighted the historical ties between the Cuban and the Serbian people and the friendship and understanding which they enjoyed and which ensured that “the continuity of bilateral relations was not affected at any time.”

The Cuban official also emphasized the contribution of the Serbian people to the fight against fascism, “which we remember with pride on the anniversary of 70 years of victory over fascism.”
jose marti statueOn Tuesday, the first day of his visit, Nikolic laid a wreath at the monument to Cuban national hero Jose Marti. Nikolic also signed the guestbook, and wrote:

“As fate would have it I am here today, on the 120th anniversary of the tragic death of Jose Marti. To pay tribute to Jose Marti means to pay tribute to Cuba, Latin America, freedom and democracy. To respect Joss Marti means respecting oneself and one’s own freedom. Be proud that you had him, he would be proud of Cubans today.”

On Tuesday, Cuban President Raul Castro presented Nikolic with the Order of Jose Marti, Cuba’s top state honor.

Source: Serbian and Cuban people share the same passion

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