Venezuela Increases Teacher Salaries by 50 Percent

Source:  TeleSUR

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the salary increase for teachers during his weekly television show.

nicolas maduro 70Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a 50 percent salary increase for public school teachers across the country.

The Venezuelan leader said Tuesday that the salary increase, which were proposed earlier this month, is part of a series of economic measures aimed to combat an “economic war” being carried out by right-wing sectors of society.

Maduro went on to note that the Venezuelan education system is designed to protect teachers in exchange for their contribution and service to society.

Teachers are the treasure of the country

“Teachers are the treasure of the country because they are responsible for teaching the children of the future,” Maduro said.

Venezuelan Education Minister Hector Rodriguez praised the measure and promised to provide all retired teachers with pension benefits by the end of this year.

As part of the Venezuelan social welfare program, 39,000 of 85,000 retired teachers and school personnel received pension benefits in 2014; the rest will receive them in 2015.

In recent years, the Venezuelan government has made domestic education a key priority within the country’s national development plan.

6.9 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) in education and technology

In 2014, the Venezuelan State invested 6.9 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) in education and technology.

The United Nations Organization for Education, Sciences and Culture (UNESCO) ranked Venezuela as the country with second highest university student enrollment in Latin America.

Source:  Venezuela Increases Teacher Salaries by 50 Percent  TeleSUR

One thought on “Venezuela Increases Teacher Salaries by 50 Percent

  1. There is a very clear distinction between progress and reaction in Venezuela, Latin America and the world. This distinction is manifest in all spheres of life whether it is education, housing, health care or any other spheres of life.

    As such, there is no surprise that the progressive government of President Maduro in Venezuela would invest in the public education sector of that country by extending a 50% increase to all teachers in that country. On the contrary, public school teachers in the US are being laid off, are lacking vital resources like modern libraries, computers and other teaching tools in many jurisdictions across the US. Furthermore, many teachers have not had a salary increase in years due to incessant budgetary cuts at the state and local government levels. Perhaps the lowering of real investments in public education across the US particularly in so-called minority jurisdictions is in part a function of the current dominant ideology of many politicians at all levels of the political system that public education is inferior to private education as witnessed by the sharp increases in investments by hedge funds in chartered schools as an alternative to public schools.

    Indeed, not only is there increased investment in charted schools and the make belief that private education is superior to public education in the US, it is also the case that President Obama, his education secretary and perhaps his government as a whole are staunch supporters of the chartered school movement despite the dubious results of its efficacy compared to public education. Is it surprising that American high students are repeated ranked below their counterparts in countries like China, Finland, Norway, Austraila, France and others where public education plays a huge role in mathematics, reading and science on the yearly PISA test?

    The Venezuelan government on the contrary staunchly believes in public school education and backs their belief with actual investments in this sector. The latter is so vital not only to the long term growth and development of the country but it is also equally indispensable for the strategic equity of access of the children of working and poor people to get a solid education.

    Apparently, the government of President Maduro has the strategic vision and conviction that significant investments of resources in education and technology over time will not only generate growth and development but it is also critical for the dignity, spiritual and material standard of living of the Venezuelan people.

    Think about this level of investment in education for a moment! The Venezuelan state invested in 2014 about $7 out of every $100 of its GDP in education and technology. That’s significant!

    It is no wonder the UNESCO ranks Venezuela as the country with the 2nd highest student enrollment in university education in Latin America. My reasoned guess is that socialist Cuba is the 1st in terms of the highest student enrollment in university education in the hemisphere.

    Sadly, Venezuela is the same country that President Obama declared as a “threat to US national security” a few months ago, a decision that is still puzzling to any one with a modicum of common sense anywhere on the planet including I believe the president himself.

    The evidence is clear whether for big countries or small countries, countries made rich at the expense of those made poor, a progressive policy approach to education is comparatively superior to a reactionary policy approach to education in terms of investments per student, the ease of access to education for the children of workers and the poor, the quality of education of the recipients, the number of students with access to education, the access of boys and girls, blacks, whites and other groups, the availability of educational resources among other indices.

    Ride on Venezuela! Keep investing in and keep improving the public education of your noble people!

    Peace if you are willing to fight for it in the spirit of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton!

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