Cuba to show final results of lung cancer vaccine

Source:  Cuban News Agency
May 11 2015

lung cancer vaccine2The final results of the efficacy confirmation study of the Cuban vaccine CIMAvax-EGF in advanced lung cancer will be presented at the 5th International Workshop on the subject next Tuesday and Wednesday in this city.

Based in the Convention Palace of Havana, the event, sponsored by CIMAB SA, Cuban Biopharmaceutical Company dedicated to the development and commercialization of drugs for the treatment of malignant tumors, aims to discuss new therapeutic indications and combinations of the compound.

Things to be discussed

Among the things to be discussed will be the implementation of the vaccine – created by scientists at the Center of Molecular Immunology (CIM by its Spanish acronym) – in the primary health care, its overall safety profile, and post-record experiences in other countries. Considered a novel approach capable of generating antibodies on the patient against epidermal growth factor (EGF), CIMAvax-EGF is the first therapeutic vaccine for lung cancer registered.

The antibodies generated by this against EGF, inhibit EGF activation and stop the proliferation of tumor cells.  Consequently, the progression of the disease is controlled, survival increases and the quality of life in treated patients is significantly improved, the statement said.

Leading cause of death in Cuba

Since 2012, cancer is the leading cause of death in Cuba, according to the 2014 Health Statistics Yearbook; lung cancer ranks the highest mortality rates in the country, both in women and men.

CIM experts assert that the event is an excellent opportunity for discussion on lessons learned in the field of science and for the evaluation of  new strategies and their implementation in medical practice.

Recently, CIM and the Roswell Park Institute against Cancer, in New York, signed an agreement to export to the United States this therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer, so clinical trials will soon begin.

roswell park cancer instituteCIMAVax-EGF, created in 2011 after 15 years of research, with patent rights worldwide, is registered in Cuba and Peru.  Brazil, Argentina and Colombia are among the countries that are in the process of its registration, and some, like the UK and Australia, have conducted clinical trials with it.

Source:  Cuba to show final results of lung cancer vaccine  Cuban News Agency

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