Lauryn Hill cancels Israeli concert

African-American singer Lauryn Hill has cancelled her concert in Israel after coming under pressure from activists on social media.

lauryn hillThe Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) wrote palestinian campaignan open letter to her explaining that “performing in Israel today is the equivalent of performing in Sun City South Africa during the apartheid era.” It also alerted that the performance, due to take place on 7 May “is a week before we Palestinians commemorate the catastrophe of 1948.”

Killing me softly

A petition was also started by End the Occupation and an online campaign went viral using the hashtag #KillingMeSoftly, named after one of her most famous songs, alongside devastating pictures of Palestinian suffering in the hands of the Israeli occupation. Her songs were also parodied by activists.

My intention was to perform in both Tel Aviv and Ramallah

Following her cancellation, she wrote a letter to her Israeli fans on Facebook saying: “When deciding to play the region, my intention was to perform in both Tel Aviv and Ramallah. Setting up a performance in the Palestinian Territory, at the same time as our show in Israel, proved to be a challenge.” She added that her trip was to also be in support of “justice and peace”.

Meanwhile, African Jews are facing their own struggle in Israel, as protests broke out last week inspired by the Baltimore struggle, demanding for greater rights and recognition as Jews and Israelis regardless of their heritage.

Source:  Lauryn Hill cancels Israeli concert after calls for boycott   Middle East Monitor

One thought on “Lauryn Hill cancels Israeli concert

  1. Lauryn Hill must be applauded for canceling her show in Apartheid Israel. She is absolutely right in saying that she wanted her tour to be about “Justice and Peace” since Justice and Peace are not mutually exclusive neither in Israel or elsewhere.

    There is no Justice for the Palestinians whether they live in Israel proper or in the other parts of original Palestine. Thus there will be no peace between Israelis and Palestinians until all the resources of Palestine including the land and water are equitably shared for all those living within the borders of Palestine including Israel. Justice is therefore required for Peace to reign in Israel and other parts of the world.

    I believe that the apartheid state of Israel must be globally isolated by more artistes, athletes, investors and governments because of Israel’s daily violations of the human rights of Palestinians, their occupation of the West Bank and increasingly their violations of the human rights of Jews of African ancestry and other Africans living within the Israeli region of Palestine.

    Furthermore, the Apartheid state of Israel must be isolated globally by all civilized persons like Lauryn Hill because of its periodic mass murder of thousands of Palestians as demonstrated by its most recent mass murder of nearly three thousand Palestianians including about 700 babies earlier this year with the full support of President Obama and his government.

    Additionally, as Africans and people of African ancestry, one cannot support an apartheid state of Israel knowing that the Zionists in Israel gave military, financial, and intelligence support to those other apartheid thugs who stole South Africa from the Africans in South Africa thereby contributing to the murder, torture, imprisonment and sustenance of apartheid in South Africa.

    Therefore, as an African American artist, Lauryn Hill’s decision to cancel her performance in Israel, while not explicitly about Israel’s support to Apartheid South Africa, has historical relevance for those Africans imprisoned, killed, tortured and demeaned in part because of Israel’s support for Apartheid South Africa.and other African dictatorships.

    Lauryn Hill’s search for “Justice and Peace” is relevant not only to the Palestinians and Africans living within Israel but to all those who now live under, or have lived under, similar conditions elsewhere in the world. Hence her search for “Justice and Peace” must also be aimed at Israel’s complicity with Latin America’s military dictatorships and their multiple crimes against their peoples. Further, the search for justice must also lead tothe recognition of the role of US and other imperialist nations which collaborated and still collaborate in the the establishment of Israel and its protection from facing Justice for its multiple crimes over the last sixty plus years of existence.

    To serve “Justice and Peace” more artistes, investors including US and other universities around the world, governments and others should follow the decision of Lauryn Hill to boycott Apartheid in Israel and its global crimes. In this context , as the boycott and divestment movement grows and more generally as the isolation of Israel picks up more steam among artistes, investors, athletes and governments, ordinary Israel citizens will have NO choice but to intensify their struggles to democratize Israel for all its citizens and residents and to end the occupation of the other parts of Palestine. Off-course, the latter struggles cannot be disconnected from the simultaneous struggles to get the US government which is Israel’s main sponsor to end its support of Zionism in Israel.

    Until then, Hill’s battle cry of “Justice and Peace” continues since Peace is impossible without Justice!!

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