Ecuador at CELAC meeting: Let us bring tangible benefits to the people

Source:  TeleSUR
May 5 2015

Ecuador’s foreign minister is pushing for the regional organization to move beyond a space for political dialogue and bring tangible benefits to the people.

Ricardo Patiño

Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño (L) talks to teleSUR alongside Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez, Quito, May 4, 2015. | Photo: Ecuador Foreign Ministry

CELAC foreign ministers are meeting in the capital of Ecuador Tuesday to discuss the regional organization’s political plan, which aims to bring tangible benefits to the people of the region.

An exhaustive consultative process

Specifically the ministers from the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States will be discussing the 2020 CELAC Development Plan, a document that Ecuadorean Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño said has undergone an exhaustive consultative process.

CELAC was created in 2011 in order to provide a space for dialogue among the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, but Patiño argued that it must go further. “We have seen that the proposal of development for the region is a way for us to connect with our people, space for political dialogue is important, but falls short, our citizens are interested in concrete benefits that the region will receive and there is much that can be achieved with this proposal,” Patiño told teleSUR.

The Ecuadorean foreign minister met Monday with the CELAC Quartet, comprised of Ecuador — as the current pro tempore leader of the organization — Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

How can we be tuned in with our people directly?

In the meeting Patiño further emphasized the need to make the work of CELAC directly relevant to the citizens of the member-states. “Let us have a vision of our development, we should think how we can be tuned in with our people directly, beyond everything that this space for political dialogue represents, we must put forward an additional element so we can go further with CELAC,” said Patiño.

Patiño also met Monday with the foreign ministers of the leftist ALBA bloc of nations, who act in coordination at gathering of larger regional bodies such as CELAC.

Reducing poverty and inequality

The 2020 CELAC Development Plan proposes key development goals, including:

  • reducing extreme poverty and inequality;
  • providing greater support to educational, science and technological initiatives;
  • increasing efforts to protect the environment and combat climate change; and
  • greater investment to infrastructure development.

Source:  CELAC Meeting Proposes Plan to Tackle Poverty, Climate Change  TeleSUR

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