Ecuadorean Medicine Experiences Success with DaVinci Robot

Source:  TeleSUR

The DaVinci Robot has reduced complications in hysterectomies from 13 percent to 1 percent.

davinci robotEcuador has become the second country in Latin America, after Mexico, to incorporate the technology of the DaVinci Robot in its public hospitals.

Controlled by surgeons working in a console of the operation room, the DaVinci Robot works with a 3-D camera, which amplifies images up to 10 times and has shown a reduction in patient recovery time.

The best thing the government could have done

At the Carlos Andrade Marin hospital, patients like Digna Paulina have obtained hysterectomies and other surgeries free of charge.

“Where was I supposed to get money to pay for this type of operation? So I think this is the best thing the government could have done, to get the robot for people like me who do not have a lot of money …

And it is very beneficial, for our health it is good, great,” said Escobar in an interview with teleSUR English.

The state has prioritized improving public services 

The total investment for the DaVinci is nearly US$4.5 million, representing a significant investment for the state which has prioritized improving public services under the Citizen’s Revolution.

Working to better serve the population, a conventional hysterectomy, which is the surgical removal of the uterus, has a 13 percent rate of complications. However, with the DaVinci Robot this percentage drops to 1 percent of patients.

A surgery of minimal intervention

Dr. Diego Hernandez, a gynecologist heading operations with the DaVinci Robot, told teleSUR English, “This is a surgery of minimal intervention. I can make incisions of 5 mm, of 8 mm, where the ports of the robot can enter, and through these ports I can make all the movements that I perform in an open surgery. This means that I do not have to make large incisions, I do not manipulate the intestine, there is not a long recuperation for the patient, and I have less complications. This is the benefit of the robot.”

While the robot is manufactured in the United States, Ecuadorean doctors will be training medical professionals to operate it in a variety of procedures. There are three surgeons who are currently trained and able to operate the DaVinci robot within the country, with six more to be certified by September, with training also opened to other specialties.

Source:  Ecuadorean Medicine Experiences Success with DaVinci Robot   TeleSUR

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