Uruguayan Writer Eduardo Galeano Dies at Age 74 in Montevideo

Source:  TeleSUR
April 13, 2015

The famed Uruguayan writer and journalist authored over 35 books, including the “Open Veins of Latin America.”

eduardo galeano 4Internationally awarded Uruguayan author and journalist Eduardo Galeano died Monday of lung cancer at age 75 in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, according to local newspaper Subrayado.

The writer of about 35 books, including the “Open Veins of Latin America,” which became a bestseller overnight after the late President Hugo Chavez handed the book over to his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama during the fifth Summit of the Americas in 2009, was born Sept. 3, 1940.

The confirmation of his death was also covered by Spanish daily El Pais and Europe Press.

One of the most notable authors of Latin American literature

Galeano is considered to be one of the most notable authors of Latin American literature. Among his many works are “Memories of the Fire,” “The Following Days,” and “Guatemala, an Occupied Country.”

Galeano distinguished himself as a writer by transcending orthodox genres and by combining documentary, fiction, journalism, political analysis and history.

He once proclaimed his obsession as a writer, saying, “I’m a writer obsessed with remembering, with remembering the past of America and above all that of Latin America, intimate land condemned to amnesia.”

Source: Uruguayan Writer Eduardo Galeano Dies at Age 74 in Montevideo TeleSUR

2 thoughts on “Uruguayan Writer Eduardo Galeano Dies at Age 74 in Montevideo

  1. The very recent passing of the inimitable Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano is a major loss to all of us who hope for and fight for a world free of injustice and its companion imperialism.

    Galeano once described a “good writer” as someone “who brings the past into the present ” i.e. a writer who is capable of exposing the interlinkages between the past and the present. However, Galeano himself was too humble and too busy with teaching us about the presence of the past in our present lives that he would probably not be absorbed with whether he was or was not a “good writer.”

    However, for me he was much more than a “good writer” he was and is in our hearts a brilliant historian, political scientist, cultural anthropologist, economist and sociologist who unlike most academics in those fields exposed the interconnections between those fields as they relate to the domination of racism, sexism, militarism, slavery and imperialism in our present lives.

    Galeano characteristically employed his art of writing to teach and educate the world and particularly his beloved Latin America the interrelationships between the political, economic, sociological, cultural and historical in all his works but perhaps more so his most famous “The Open Veins of Latin American” in which he shows the disastrous impact of slavery and imperialism in all these spheres for Latin Americans.

    Eduardo Galeano did not only educate the world and Latin America about the vicious institutions created by man to dehumanize, humiliate and dispossess humanity of its dignity and compassion but importantly he taught us also about the imperative to resist and destroy these oppressive systems. It is therefore no wonder that the Bolivian President, Eva Morales quite fittingly called Galeano “el maestro de liberacion” as the influences from his works are unfolding in peoples revolutions and uprisings in Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua Brazil, Peru and other parts of Latin America and the world.

    Galeano will always be remembered for several significant things that he has armed us with during his relatively short life. However, for me four of the most important contributions of this great literary figure are the following:

    First, his deep sense of history and the indissoluble connections between the history, politics, economics, sociology and culture of Latin Americans and their experiences with slavery, racism, colonialism, racism, militarism and imperialism,

    Second, his profound and coherent hatred of injustice in all its manifestations for humanity showing in his usually sharp language that Justice is not the negation of freedom and vice versa. Indeed, he wisely demonstrates that Justice and freedom reinforce each other and are indispensable for the civilized existence of humanity,

    Third, his immense global reach and impact on generations of people through his fascinating art of writing great stories about how the past and the present are intertwined in the lives of people globally,

    Fourth, Eduardo Galeano taught us using his own life as an example without actually saying it, that there is no contradiction between scholarship and activism indeed he shows us quite convincingly that freedom and Justice actually feed on each other making both enriched and increasingly relevant for humanity.

    So as freedom fighters, the best we can do to honor Eduardo Galeano’s memory and works is to study all his works and keep fighting for the better world that he envisioned, namely, a world free of imperialism, one free of war, one where Justice and freedom coexist, one where there is no racism and no sexism and one where the common people, those who are voiceless and powerless become the rulers of their lives and destinies!

    RIP Eduardo Galeano! You and your works will NEVER be forgotten!

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