Young African American Confirmed Dead in Illinois


Justus Howell, a young African-American, was killed on Saturday afternoon by a police officer who shot him twice in the back, today confirmed a report by the Police.

The 17-year-old, resident in the town Waukegan, was killed by a policeman from Zion, Illinois, and according to a report from the forensic’s office in Lake County, one of the bullets penetrated the left side of the back affecting the heart, liver and spleen of the victim.

Howell allegedly was involved in an incident during the sale of a weapon, according to reports from the authorities.

According to authorities, Howell was involved in the illegal sale of a weapon with Tramond Peet, 18, who appeared in court Monday.

Police did not release the name of the agent who fired the shots but said he was an official with nine years of service.

The teenager’s death occurred months after another black young man, 18, was killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, that fact sparked protests and reignited the issue of racial discrimination due to the way the police treat minorities in the United States.

Source:  Young African-American Confirmed Dead in Illinois  Prensa Latina

2 thoughts on “Young African American Confirmed Dead in Illinois

  1. The world should and must know that the USA is the most dangerous place in the planet for Africans particularly African males.

    Nearly every week and African is shot and killed or shot and wounded by a cop primarily white cops in a city or town, up north or down south in the USA.

    There is simply no safe place for Africans in the USA. As Malcolm X said”…. So long as you are black on America, you are catching hell .” This is true whether you are in the job market, in a job , educated or uneducated, celebrity or ordinary folk, scholar or student, rich or poor. Indeed, in America, you catch hell as Africans whether you are in the cage or out in the cage, whether you know or whether you are dumb enough not to know it or whether you pretend that you are fine.

    The white supremacists seem intent on killing us wherever we are. It seems like they take us for birds, black birds and they seek their practice.

    There is no recourse for Africans even with a record number of black elected officials at all levels of the political system including the presidency, Africans are being mowed down with impunity almost weekly by white criminals in uniforms all over the US. Is this an argument to keep voting for elected black officials who seem powerless to protect Africans? Or is this failure of elected black officials to act on behalf of black people a call to alternative forms of organized struggles that include the electoral struggles as a tactic though not the main tactical form of struggle to achieve our freedom from white tyranny ?

    These are serious thoughts to ponder particularly because de facto web Africans in the USA are simply not treated as citizens. There is no other people in the USA whose human and civil rights have been so violated historically than those of African people. This current era of increased police killings of Africans, increased incarceration, joblessness, high rates of high school drop outs, disproportionately high rates of HIV \AIDS infections and disproportionate rates of poverty and racial profiling ought to give all Africans serious pause to critically reflect on our status as a people in this land of SADICA as a conscious Rastaman once referred to America for Africans because as he said there is nothing MERRY about America for Africans!

    Bongo man nuh give up! Keep your culture and don’t be afraid of the vulture! Peace!

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