“Opposition” manufactured from abroad – making betrayal of the homeland a well-paid profession

Statement by the Cuban delegation to the parallel forums of the Summit of the Americas

Prensa Latina
April 7 2015

Mercenaries paid by the historic enemies of our nation

cuba denouncesThe representatives of Cuba attending the parallel forums of the VII Summit of the Americas here today denounced the presence of mercenaries paid by the historical enemies of the Cuban Revolution in the meetings of Panama.

“Opposition” manufactured from abroad, lacking any legitimacy 

According to the statement issued by the delegation of the island, these mercenaries make up a tiny “opposition” formed from abroad, lacking any legitimacy and propriety.

Publicly linked to  terrorists

Several of these mercenaries have even been publicly linked to known terrorists that have caused infinite pain to the Cuban people, said the text read by the young deputy Liaena Hernandez.

Additionally, the journalist Iroel Sanchez stressed that while such people were received at the Civil Society Forum, that same space excluded representatives of the Workers’ Central Union of Cuba (CTC-Spanish acronym).

Assassination attempt 

Sanchez recalled that in 2000, when the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, was in Panama to participate in the X Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government, a terrorist plot orchestrated by Luis Posada Carriles attempted to assassinate the Cuban President.

If the attack had succeeded, he said, it would have claimed the lives not only of the Cubans participanting, but also of dozens of young people who were at the University of Panama.

According to the analyst, the organizers of the event allowed the participation of these counter-revolutionaries because they respond to the US policy.

Making betrayal of the homeland a well-paid profession

The Cuban delegation considers offensive the participation of those who have turned treason against their homeland a well-paid profession and thus shamefully usurp the name of their own country, a country they slander and offend every day.

It is unacceptable the acceptance here of the worst kind and low moral people, concludes the statement of Cuba’s representatives in the forums of the Summit of the Americas.

Source:  Cuba Denounces Presence of Anti-Cuban Mercenaries in Panama Prensa Latina

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