Namibia: Cuban medical specialists focus on prevention of HIV and tuberculosis

Source:  Cuban News Agency
April 5 2015

Nearly 117 Cuban medical professionals are currently assisting the Namibian people in 13 out of 14 regions of that African nation, said doctor Aniuska Palacios, who heads Medical Collaboration Services in Namibia.

cuban health workers in namibia

Photo: Cuban health workers and residents in the northern regions of Namibia, Dec 2014

Doctor Palacios, a second degree internal medicine specialist, noted that the stronger impact of the Cuban assistance takes place in the prevention and control of HIV and Tuberculosis. She also highlighted the attention to mothers and the newly born, since the infant mortality rate in Namibia is about 30 in every one thousand live births, despite the efforts of the Namibian government.

The Cuban specialist, who also met a medical mission in Botswana, said that the work in Namibia has allowed the island´s professionals to deal with diseases they do not face in Cuba and also to understand a health system which is quite different from the Cuban public health sector.

The doctor also referred to the high respect and recognition shown to the Cuban specialists by the Namibian people.  Every time we visit any of the regions, the people always ask when they will have more Cuban doctors with them.

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