Petition Against Obama Decree on Venezuela Tops 8m Signatures

Source:  TeleSUR

There has been a groundswell of opposition in Venezuela and internationally to the latest US aggression.

venezuela is not a threat 8 millionA petition launched in Venezuela opposing President Obama’s latest sanctions and the labelling of Venezuela as a national security threat has topped eight million signatures, it was announced Sunday.

obama troubledU.S. President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order March 9 declaring a “national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by the situation in Venezuela.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro thanked the supporters who backed the call for Obama to “repeal the decree” through his twitter account. The signatures will be handed in during the Summit of the Americas which starts later this week in Panama and will be attended by all the nations of North, Central and South America.

Mounting hostility from the U.S towards Venezuela is likely to be one of the most hotly debated themes at the Summit which U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to attend.

Additionally, millions have taken to Twitter to express their oppostion to the U.S. aggression. It was revealed last week that at least five million tweets across 105 countries have demanded a repeal of the measures.

Strong international backing for Venezuela

The government has also been backed strongly in the international arena.

Many high profile Latin Americans have come out in support of the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro, including former Uruguayan president, Jose Mujica, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu.

In March all 33 members of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) expressed their opposition to the U.S. government move, with other regional bodies including the United Nations of South America (UNASUR) doing likewise.

Further afield, the G77+China group, comprising 134 countries, also issued a statement rejecting President Obama’s executive order against Venezuela.

Last week, in response, the U.S. Sub-secretary for Latin America, Roberta Jacobson, was ‘disappointed’ by the levels of support shown for Venezuela following the latest sanctions

Source: Petition Against Obama Decree on Venezuela Tops 8m Signatures  TeleSUR

3 thoughts on “Petition Against Obama Decree on Venezuela Tops 8m Signatures


    53 Caritas Drive, Allentown, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.
    Tel: +232-76-944353; +232-88-423818
    13th April, 2015

    Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter states that for any sanctions to be put in place, the Security Council of the world body must “determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression” and to take military and nonmilitary action to “restore international peace and security”.
    As a member of the United Nations Security Council, the US needs not to be reminded that sanctions, “smart or comprehensive, are a form of warfare and act of terrorism against whole peoples and whole regions. On the contrary, the US has bent on committing all those crimes against foreign countries and humanity in general.

    On March 9, 2015, President Barrack Hussein Obama invoked his executive powers and wrongly designated Venezuela as “an extraordinary threat” to US national security. Mr. Obama used this action to execute and justify his long-time thirst to destroy Venezuela and Latin America through wicked sanctions.
    As a show of friendship and solidarity with Venezuela and Latin America, the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity joins world leaders from over 138 countries, regional Blocs, NGOs and multilateral organizations worldwide to demand for President Obama to cease all hostile actions, including misrepresentation, sanctions and threats of war against Venezuela. We reject President Obama’s Executive Order against Venezuela as a dangerous threat to peace, stability and progress in Latin America, which should be reversed immediately and with no condition attached.
    Venezuela is no threat to its neighbours in Latin America, let alone to the US as President Obama has erroneously wants the people of America to believe. Venezuela has not breached or been offensively aggressive towards anyone.
    With this statement, we, of the Hugo Chavez International Foundation for Peace, Friendship and Solidarity reiterate our strong solidarity with Venezuela. We want to spell it again and again that Venezuela is not a threat to the US or any other country. On the contrary, the Latin American nation offers hope for poor countries and vulnerable people in the world.
    We support the international ‘Obama – Repeal the Executive Order’ campaign and will continue to support the advances in political, social and economic progress that have taken place in Venezuela in recent years, and oppose US sanctions against Venezuela.

    Alimamy Bakarr Sankoh
    International Executive Director



    53 Caritas Drive, Allentown, Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.
    Tel: +232-76-944353; +232-88-423818
    For Immediate Release 2nd. May, 2015.

    On March 9, 2015 the US President Barrack Hussein Obama invoked Executive Order in a desperate attempt to overthrow the democratically-elected Government of President Nicolas Maduro. The intent is to reverse the peace, democracy and development in Venezuela as well as restoring the US hegemony in Latin America. The Executive Order is also meant to recolonise Venezuela and restore US dominance; to curtail the diversification of trading and investment partners and re-center economic relations to the US; to replace regional integration pacts with US centered economic integration schemes; and to privatize firms partly or wholly nationalized.

    By invoking an Executive Order, it is now clear that the US is once again going to war against a country that has never threatened it, nor posed threat to its neighbours or any country around the world. This policy is not new to any observer, because the US has since 1999 plotting to destabilize Venezuela through military coups and other subversive instruments. The resort to military coups in Venezuela is a long-time strategy designed to impose a client regime. This has continued today.
    The US destabilization efforts against Venezuela were accelerated in 2001 with the use of the phrase: “war on terror”. The US unabashedly sought to reaffirm its hegemony in the Americas and subdued Venezuela into toeing Washington’s line. Commandant Hugo Chavez refused to pawn the dignity of his people, setting example of what it meant for national independence, freedom and sovereignty of a nation.
    Failing to lull Commandant Hugo Chavez to submission, the US found another way to execute its subversive activity plots, this time concocted what they called in Washington “regime change”. By late 2001, the US declared all-out warfare to overthrow the legitimate Government of Commandant Hugo Chavez via a business-military coup in (April 2002).
    The US backed coup was defeated in less than 72 hours. Commandant Chavez was reinstated to power by the mass of the Venezuelan people who rejected US political machinations in their country and Latin America generally.
    From December 2002 to February 2003, The White House backed an executive lockout in the strategic oil industry, supported by corrupt trade union officials aligned with Washington and the AFL-CIO. After three months the lockout was defeated through an alliance of loyalist trade unionists, mass organizations and overseas petrol producing countries. The US lost strategic assets in the oil industry as over 15,000 executives, managers and workers were fired and replaced by nationalist loyalists. The oil industry was renationalized – its earnings were put at the service of social welfare.
    After the 2013 presidential elections, which gave victory to Commandant Hugo Chavez’ successor, President Nicolas Maduro, the US launched an all out war, using modernized version of the Chilean scenario to overthrow the democratically elected Government of Venezuela. This is a replay of US strategy during the 1964-1983 periods. In those two decades US strategists successfully collaborated with business-military elites to overthrow nationalist and socialist governments, privatize public enterprises and reverse, social, labor and welfare policies.
    Forty-two years ago that scenario worked with the brutal overthrow of the legitimate government of Chile and assassination of the country’s leader, Salvador Allende on 11th September, 1973. A repressive fascist dictatorship led by the by the brutal dictator General Augusto Pinochet, who ruled over Chile with an iron fist for the next 17 years. General Augusto Pinochet reined terror on the democratic forces of Chile who were behind President Salvador Allende. The 17 years of Pinochet’s ruled in Chile eroded the freedom, dignity and integrity of Chileans, whereby tens of thousands of Chileans were killed through torture centers and concentration camps. Many Chilean democrats who opposed to the unconstitutional overthrow of their elected Government and leaders were forced to flee their country in fear of the brutal leadership of General Pinochet.
    In Venezuela a new and well-doctored plot, including using domestic traitors and reactionary forces are being used to organize violent protests in an attempt to overthrow President Maduro. For over a year now, since the election victory of President Nicolas Maduro, U.S. intelligence services have been busy accelerating their efforts to destabilize Venezuela. Criminal protests circumscribed to a few neighborhoods have been widely relayed by the media to give the impression that they engulf the entire country.
    Only on February 6, 2015 Washington had finished putting the subversive action into execution, for the overthrow of the democratic institutions of Venezuela. The coup was planned for February 12 but failed due to facts that the Venezuela people, both military and civilians have rallied their support to their elected leaders; and that they rejected the US destabilization campaign as nothing but an attempt to rob the Venezuelan nation of it national independence, dignity and democratic freedoms.
    “Operation Jericho” was the code name for the coup plot and its being supervised by the National Security Council (NSC), under the authority of Ricardo Zuñiga. This terrorist-turned-coat diplomat is the grandson of the homonymous president of the Honduran National Party who organized the coups of 1963 and 1972 in favor of General López Arellano. He directed the CIA station in Havana (2009-11), where he recruited and financed agents planted to destroy Commandant Fidel Castro.
    As one observer rightly put it, “Venezuela is not Chile, neither the Chilean style of state terrorism coup will work anywhere in Latin America”. The terrorists, backed by local reactionary forces planned to provoke mass discontent. They invented everything: an artificial shortage of staple commodities, sabotage on public transportation, attacks on government agencies, and barricading of major highways and roads to residential areas. Everywhere over the cities – as an alarming sign of instability – there hung black smoke from burning tires (an eloquent echo of the Kiev Maidan. In the face of these provocative hostile policy of the US, President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian government stood fast, in defending peace, democracy, freedom and dignity of the Venezuelan people. Having suffered defeat in the fight for imperialist hegemony, President Obama now turned the gauntlet to use Executive Order against Venezuela.
    Take for instance, in the city of San Cristobal, Venezuela, an American terrorist T.М. Leininger was arrested. He had seriously wounded a Venezuelan whom he suspected of working for Bolivarian security agencies; he tried to hide, but was arrested and detained by the competent police. When Leininger’s apartment was searched, they found a secret cache of firearms: three rifles (one with a telescopic sight and a silencer), two pistols, a sizeable ammunition stockpile and several suits of camouflage.
    Information out of this arrest revealed that Leininger was planning acts of terrorism against the democratically elected Government and people of Venezuela. The American was suspected of planning terrorist acts. An investigation conducted revealed that those weapons were intended for delivery to terrorist groups to topple the democratically-elected Government of Venezuela.
    As in other countries where the US is leading a campaign of destabilization, the media was hired to launch anti-Venezuelan campaign in an attempt to defend the activities of the terrorist Leininger. If it is true that Leininger visited Venezuela for humanitarian reasons, bringing food to poverty-stricken relatives, how could he smuggle weapons into the country illegally.
    All these calculations have only helped to expose the US hostile policy towards Venezuela, including recruiting terrorists around the world to work in Venezuela. Venezuelan security agencies have been receiving information about the activities of CIA stations in Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and several other countries in transferring terrorist mercenaries from drug cartels to Venezuela. Suffice it to say that some of the barricades in the period of the US tailored violent protests in Venezuela were controlled by Colombian narco-traffickers wanted by Interpol.
    It comes to say that President Obama’s declaration that Venezuela is ‘an extraordinary threat to the national security’ of the U.S. should be thrown to the dustbin of history as such assumptions do not give expression in a free, peaceful and democratic society. After all, we want to ask: “In what way does Venezuela threaten the safety of Americans”? The alleged internal human-rights abuses by the Maduro government are tailored by Washington to turn attention to the genocide and heinous crimes being committed daily by US backed say for instance, terrorists in Libya against defenseless civilians in that country. If any case for human rights President Obama should first clean US client states well in Africa, central Asia and the Middle East. Everyday reports of genocide, fragrant abuse of human rights and state terrorism are committed against defenseless people and communities, with the US taking no action to defend freedom against tyranny.
    The declaration and sanctions announced by President Obama cannot be justified beyond act of genocide against the peace and freedom-loving people of Venezuela. As in the Middle East and western Asia, in which the U.S. seeks control over oil and shipping lanes, the U.S. is exercising its imperial muscle against Latin American nations that prefer to use their resources for their own people’s needs.”
    People from all around the world and some governments have nailed their support behind Venezuela against US sanctions and blackmail. The civilized world can no longer remain silence to attempt by the US to import genocide into Venezuela. The world has witnessed events in Libya since 2011 and cannot afford a Libyan type of terrorism be imported o Venezuela or any other country on the planet.
    Venezuela has never threatened or taken any kind of action to harm the United States or its interests. Nonetheless, for sixteen years now, the US has plotted against Venezuela.
    We demand that President Obama rescind his decision and work for better relation between the US and Latin America. We condemn all acts that threatened the existence of other people, and in particular we condemn the US hostile policies directed at the destabilization of Venezuela and overthrowing the democratically-elected Government of President Nicolas Maduro.
    We call on all peace and freedom-loving people of the world to exert pressure on President Obama in Washington to cease all hostile policies and behaviours against Venezuela.

    This is the case for Venezuela.
    Long live President Nicolas Maduro!
    Venezuela must live!
    Long live Venezuela!

    International Executive Director

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