Over 5 Million Signatures against US’ Aggressions on Venezuela

Obama venezuela is not a threat

As of early Sunday morning, 5 million, 1,058 signatures had been collected, Mayor Jorge Rodriguez announced.

Venezuelan officials reported on Sunday that over 5 million signatures have been collected in the campaign against President Barack Obama’s March 9 executive order arbitrarily declaring Venezuela an extraordinary threat to its national security to justify further aggressions against the South American country.

Mayor of the municipality Libertador de Caracas, the country’s capital, Jorge Rodriguez, who also heads the Campaign “ObamaRepealtheDecreeNow,” indicated that as of this Sunday morning just over 5 million signatures had been collected.

The aim – 10 million signatures for the Summit of the Americas

The aim of the campaign is to gather at least 10 million signatures to be presented at the Summit of the Americas, which is scheduled to take place in Panama City next April 10 and 11.

Rodriguez told state-owned Venezuelan Television (VTV) that the campaign has been very well received by Venezuelans, who have gone to the different designated locations in the country to sign the petition.

“As of this Sunday morning, 5 million 1,058 signatures have been collected in solidarity with the defense of the sovereignty of Venezuela,” Rodriguez said.

The mayor condemned Washington’s newest aggressions against Venezuela, and described them as acts of interference in the internal affairs of the country and against the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.

Widespread condemnation around the world of Obama’s executive order

The Obama executive order on Venezuela has been widely condemned around the world and by international organizations such as the Organization of American States, UNASUR, CELAC, among many others.

A recent poll showed that 92 percent of Venezuelans reject any U.S. intervention in the country, while 64 percent disagreed with sanctions imposed on Venezuelan officials by Washington,  while 62 percent thought that the U.S. government’s perception of what is really happening in Venezuela was wrong.

Source: Over 5 Million Signatures against US’ Aggressions on Venezuela  TeleSUR

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