Mujica Leads Uruguay’s Venezuela Solidarity March


March 24 2015

Jose Mujica, Uruguay’s much-loved former president, led a march in the capital city Montevideo for “peace in Latin America” and “in solidarity with the people of Venezuela.”

mujica leads march in support of venezuela 1

Hundreds of Uruguayans walked alongside Pepe and Vice President Raul Sendic, demanding that the United States withdraws its declaration that Venezuela presents an “extraordinary” threat to “national security.”

mujica leads march in support of venezuela 2Mujica has been vocal in the outcry over the U.S. aggression towards Venezuela.

mujica 5Earlier this month, Mujica said that he was “fed up with (the U.S.) meddling” in internal Latin American business.

Commenting on U.S. President Barack Obama’s declaration that Venezuela presented a “national threat,” Mujica said that whoever says that the South American country could be “a threat” to the U.S. “has a screw loose.”

Source: Mujica Leads Uruguay’s Venezuela Solidarity March  venezuelanalysis

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