Díaz-Canel emphasizes love shared by the peoples of Cuba and Namibia

Source:  Granma
March 23 2015
Deisy Francis Mexidor

Cuban Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel met with new Namibian President Hage Geingob after his inauguration ceremony, and emphasized that the success of his visit to the country was based on the love shared by the two countries’ peoples.

cubans and namibians

Earlier during his visit, Diaz-Canel met with the country’s historic leader and founding father Sam Nujoma.

Diaz-Canel commented that the meeting with Geingob was an affectionate one, with the new President recalling his conversations with Fidel and Raúl during his last visit to Cuba.

fidel y hage geingob 2The Cuban Vice President reported that also discussed was Cuba collaboration in Namibia which, he said, will continue to expand.

A bi-national committee of experts to be established

Miguel Díaz-Canel BermúdezHe explained that, as a result of the visit, a bi-national committee of experts was to be established, “to evaluate all areas of cooperation, to see what fields we can open up and how to improve in areas where we are already.”

Diaz-Canel reported that, during the inauguration ceremony, he had the opportunity to greet several African heads of state, who expressed their affection and confidence in Cuba.

The Cuban Vice President visited three African countries this past week – Namibia, South Africa and Angola – and will conclude his international tour in India on Monday, after meeting with high-ranking leaders there. (PL)

Source:  Díaz-Canel emphasizes love shared by the peoples of Cuba and Namibia  Granma

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