Bolivia: Movement Towards Socialism wins again

Source: TeleSUR
March 29, 2015

Unofficial exit polls place the governing party ahead in six out of nine provinces. The Bolivian Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) — President Evo Morales’ party — would have won most of the country’s local governments after Sunday’s elections, according to unofficial exit polls.

Bolivia MAS wins againThe governing party the polls suggest that MAS obtained victories in six out of nine provinces.

Meanwhile the remaining provinces would be ruled by the opposition, together with the city of El Alto, in La Paz province. In the provinces of Pando and Cochabamba the governing party registered victories with over 60 percent of the ballots, with 66.3 and 60.1 respectively.

In the province of Oruro, MAS won with 55 percent of the votes. Similarly in Potosi, the government party won with 57.1 percent.

The lowest result would have been in Beni, where — according to the exit polls — MAS would have won with 38.4 percent of the votes.

Official results are expected after midnight local time in Bolivia.

Source:  Bolivia’s MAS Party Wins Majority In Local Governments  TeleSUR

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