Fidel sends message to President Nicolás Maduro

fidel from granmaThe historic leader of the Cuban Revolution emphasizes the heroic attitude assumed by the Venezuelan people, as well as the exemplary discipline and spirit of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces in the face of U.S. sanctions

Fidel Castro Ruz |

march 17, 2015 09:03:04

Honorable President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro:

As the press has reported, tomorrow Tuesday March 17, an ALBA Summit will take place in Caracas to analyze the outrageous policy of the United States government toward Venezuela and Alba.

The idea of creating this organization came from Chávez himself, wanting to share with his Caribbean brothers and sisters the enormous economic resources with which nature had blessed his native homeland, the benefits of which had however landed in the hands of powerful U.S. corporations, and a few Venezuelan millionaires.

Corruption and squandering were the fundamental motivations of the first oligarchy with fascist tendencies, addicted to violence and crime. The violence and crime committed against the heroic Venezuelan people was so intolerable that it can never be forgotten, and a return will never be allowed to the shameful past of the pre-revolutionary era which led to attacks on commercial centers and the murder of thousands of people, the number of which no one can today confirm.

Simón Bolívar devoted himself entirely to liberating the continent. More than half of the best of his people struggled and died over long years of uninterrupted fighting. With less than 1% of the world’s surface area, Venezuela possesses the world’s greatest oil reserves. For a full century, the country was obliged to produce all the fuel which European powers and the United States needed. Even when today, the hydrocarbons produced over millions of years could be consumed in no more than a century, and human beings, who today number 7.2 billion, will double within 100 more years, and in 200 will reach 21 billion. Only the marvels of the most advanced technology may perhaps allow the survival of the human species for a little more time.

Why are the fabulous means of communication not used to inform and educate about these realities, instead of promoting trickery, which every one in their right mind should recognize?

An ALBA Summit cannot be held without taking into account these realities which are so close to us.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has stated in a very precise manner that it has always been disposed to talk with the United States, in a peaceful and civilized fashion, but will never tolerate threats or impositions on the part of this country.

I add that I have been able to observe the attitude, not only of the people of Bolivar and Chávez, but also a special circumstance: the exemplary discipline and spirit of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces. Whatever U.S. imperialism may do, it will never be able to count on them to do what they did for so many years. Today Venezuela can count on the best equipped soldiers and officers in Latin America.

When you met with officers recently, it was evident that they were ready to give their last drop of blood for the homeland.

A fraternal embrace for all Venezuelans, the peoples of ALBA, and for you.

Fidel Castro Ruz

March 16, 2015

Source:  Fidel sends message to President Nicolás Maduro  Granma

One thought on “Fidel sends message to President Nicolás Maduro

  1. There is virtually nothing to add to Fidel’s statement. It captures the essence of the challenges of the Venezuelan people and government and the intrigues of imperialism and its servants in Venezuela at this time.

    It is critical to note the importance that Fidel assigns to the armed forces in Venezuela since imperialists and their stooges in Chile, Nicaragua, Brazil and other Latin Anerican countries always target forvrecruitment members of the armed forces in a country to overthrow governments they declare to be an “unsual and extraordinary threat to national security” as president Obama recently termed Venezuela.

    There is no doubt that the imperialists are doing everything behind the scenes to recruit members of the armed forces to overthrow President Maduro’s government. Hence the importance of Fidel’s comments about the armed forces of Venezuela. Nonetheless, political viligance is required as there are always “wolves in sheep clothing”in the armed forces, police, media, schools, colleges, civil service and other organs of the state who are only too willing to sell their souls to imperialism to enrich themselves and to screw their own people. The oligarchy and imperialism love these wolves and will do everything and anything to buy their services to destroy the revolution in Venezuela.

    It is therefore very admirable to witness that ALBA is so far standing firm in defense of the sovereign right of Simon Bolivar’s people. Apparently, ALBA has learnt the lessons from the decades of manipulation and “divide and rule tactics” that the imperialists and their servants in all spheres have used to topple democratically elected governments in Chile and elsewhere. However, it also appears that ALBA appreciates and remembers the exceptional solidarity of Chavez and his people in extending needed economic support to their nations at a time when they needed it. Thus ALBA’s solidarity with Venezuela against President Obama and his imperial empire is not simply important, it is strategically indispensable not only to defend the principles of sovereignty, non-interference, independence and peace for the people of Venezuela but it is also important to remind Mr. Obama that the political balance has changed in the region against the imperial interests that he has chosen to represent. Venezuela and Latin America are not America”s “backyard.” The region belongs to living and breathing human beings who are more than capable to rule themselves and use their resources to educate, house, heal and develop themselves with mutually respectful assistance from every country including the US.

    President Obama’s imminent visit to Jamaica is therefore important in the context of his efforts and that of the empire he heads to topple the democratically elected government of Venezuela. Clearly, his visit to the island is not to get a sun tan, he is already tanned by the natural melanin in his skin. It is also doubtful that his visit is to hike to the Blue Mountain on the island. On the contrary, his mission as the main guardian of the interests of the empire will be to discuss the interests and concerns of US imperialism in Jamaica and the Caribbean. In this regard, it is simply beyond reason and logic for him not to raise the issue of Jamaica’s role in ALBA and its government’s role in defending the sovereign choices of the Venezuelan people.

    Hopefully, the Jamaican government will not forget its own sovereign choices and powers in sending President Obama and his team a resounding message that neither Jamaica or Venezuela is for sale. Hopefully, the government of Jamaica will not be intimidated by any threats or pressures about its sovereign foreign policy to defend freedom and independence. Hopefully, PM Simpson and her team will not fall for President Obama’s charm and smiles to abandon its principles of sovereignty, non-interference and solidarity of all peoples against imperialism.

    Hopefully, the Jamaican government will uphold its principles and reject any short term economic favors that maybe extended to it by Obama and his team to abandon the Venezuelan people.

    The Jamaican government is smart and should therefore know that imperialism extends short favors only to get strategic favors for its corporations and its imperial interests. As such, the Jamaican government must know that whether the representatives of imperialism are black and charming or white and arrogant, the objectives are the same, namely to “divide and rule” in order to dominate and exploit our resources and people.

    The Jamaican government and people must always remember that it was Chavez and Maduro and their people who stood and still stand with us in extending genuine economic assistance and not the imperial empire and its representatives. They should also remember the wise words of Bob Marley that the “Destruction of the poor is in their poverty, and the destruction of the soul is vanity.”

    Let us stand uncompromisingly with the Venezuelan people and their democratically elected government and president!

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