Spring Rising: Shut Down U.S. Warz at Home & Abroad

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Spring Rising:
Shut Down U.S. Wars at Home & Abroad

Saturday, March 21
Noon Rally, 1pm March

Lafayette Park
(across from the White House).
Washington, D.C.

March on the Capitol to Demand:

END THE WARS: Iraq, Syria, Ukraine and beyond

Stop new threats of sanctions on Venezuela and Iran

BLACK AND BROWN LIVES MATTER;From Ferguson to Iraq, people of color are under attack by U.S. police and military. We demand an end to racist militarization and wars. We demand justice for the victims of racist brutality here and abroad. We also demand an end to the mass incarceration of millions of poor and working people, as well as freedom for all political prisoners including Mumia Abu Jamal, Leonard Peltier to Aafia Siddiqui and Rasmeh Odeh. 

RESISTANCE IS JUSTIFIED:From Palestine to Staten Island, Wisconsin to Ukraine, people are organizing to fight U.S. oppression and…

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