Fraternal peoples around the world march in solidarity with Venezuela

March 13 2015

With new threats and aggression by the United States against Venezuela, several sister nations of Latin America and the world will mobilize the streets Friday in solidarity and support to the South American nation.

nicaragua in solidarity with venezuela

The people of Nicaragua will march on Avenida Bolivar Chavez. | Photo: 19digital

In Argentina, actions in the street begin with a march from Plaza Italia to the Embassy of Venezuela in that country in Buenos Aires, the capital. Argentinians in solidarity will also attend an Anti-imperialist Grandstand at the embassy.

This activity will present some of the figures attending the International Emancipation and Equality Forum  taking place in Argentina. Activists will respond to the threatening statements issued by President Barack Obama against Venezuela.

Active solidarity
Rosario MurilloIn Nicaragua there will be the social movements of women and youth who will take to the streets to reaffirm their solidarity with Venezuela.  As reported by the Coordinator of Communication and Citizenship Council, Rosario Murillo, mobilization be held in the Bolivar Avenue Chavez.

“These are days of active solidarity, flood, militant,” said Murillo.

Days before the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, Murillo and the Nicaraguan National Assembly voted in favor of Venezuela against the new US aggression.

Paraguay joins the repudiation
social movements in oaraguayUnder the slogan “Venezuela, Latin America resist against imperialist coup” in Paraguay social movements will come this Friday to the streets to express their opposition to the policy of US aggression against the people and the Venezuelan government. Social organizations called for a demonstration outside the headquarters of the US Embassy in Asuncion, Paraguay’s capital, to ratify solidarity with Turkey threatened by the US government.

“Before the coup and blatant intervention by the US government, the Paraguayan people are mobilized to express their brotherly people of Venezuela,” said the announcement which was broadcast on social networks.

Beijing solidarity with Venezuela
china venezuela solidarityIn the capital of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing, expressions of solidarity with Venezuela also began to be felt on Friday at the Embassy of South American country located in the capital.

The Chinese have expressed sympathy with the Venezuelan people and the government of President Nicolas Maduro.Venezuelan Ambassador Ivan Zerpa, said he was pleased by the solidarity of all social, business and economic sectors in China, as well as many friends who have decided to raise their voices for peace and sovereignty of Venezuela.

Spain against aggression
The Bolivarian Platform for Solidarity with Venezuela in Madrid (Spanish capital) convened a concentration on Friday to reaffirm their support for the constitutional government of President Nicolas Maduro.

spain supports venezuelaThe mobilization will start from the Plaza Puerta del Sol with the slogan “Stop Attacks Venezuela Yanks”. The participation of hundreds of Spaniards residing in that European country Venezuelans plans.teleSUR invites you to see: Venezuela in the sights of the West

Obama’s new sanctions and Executive Order
On Monday US President Barack Obama announced new sanctions against Venezuela and declared a national emergency in the country, considering that the South American nation is a threat to its security.

Before these attacks, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro condemned the attack and called on the National Assembly’s to approve laws to allow for the defense of peace and sovereignty of the nation.

Since then, there have been many governments, regional organizations, institutions and sectors that have ruled in favor of the South American nation and have rejected the threats of the US government to end the Bolivarian Revolution.

Source: Fraternal peoples march in solidarity with Venezuela

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