UNASUR to hold presidential summit on US interference in Venezuela

March 11 2015
Source: MercoPress

Rafael CorreaOn Thursday the foreign ministers of UNASUR will meet in Montevideo to prepare the heads of state summit next week” said Rafael Correa, President of the Republic of Ecuador, who did not detail where the coming meeting is to take place.

Replying to the unjustified interference of the United States in the domestic affairs of Venezuela

“We will give the corresponding reply to the grotesque, illegal, shameless, unbelievable, unjustified interference of the United States in home affairs of Venezuela”, added the Ecuadorean president in reference to President’s Obama Executive order describing the Venezuela situation as an “extraordinary threat” to US security.

A most serious situation

“This is most serious. They are not statements from Obama, it’s an executive order which has the power of a law and virtually sanctions all the followers of president Maduro”.

On Monday Washington imposed sanctions on seven top officials from Venezuela which includes the freezing of their assets and banning their entry to the US. The seven have been accused by the White House, following on Congress, of reiterated violation of human rights during the protests of a year ago against president Maduro which killed 43 people.

US described the situation in Venezuela as “an extraordinary and unusual threat to national security and policy” and stated a national emergency to address the issues.

Source:  Unasur to hold a presidential summit on the Venezuela/US confrontation  MercoPress

2 thoughts on “UNASUR to hold presidential summit on US interference in Venezuela

  1. It has been very sad to see how after President Barack Obama took his most positive leap forward on December 17, 2014 when he expressed his decision to initiate discussions with Cuba towards the restoration of diplomatic relations, his National Security Team has pushed him into doing the most stupid mistake of his tenure, by literally declaring war on Venezuela.

    Ignoring that the era of the Monroe Doctrine, Platt Amendment, the Big Stick, Invasions, Embargoes, State Terrorism, Sabotage and the CIA assassinating heads of States and overthrowing governments is over, dead and buried, Ms Susan Rice and her team continue to live the in fantasy world of the 1950’s, where a phone call from her office, is all that that took.

    Never before has the sons and daughters of Latin America and the Caribbean been so proud, overjoyed and full of dignity, to see our region free of the Papa Doc’s, Somoza, Trujillo, Batista, Stroessner, Banzer, Videla, D’Abusson of this world, who tortured and murdered at will, protected by the US State Department. Today CARICOM, UNASUR, MERCOSUR, CELAC and leaders of each of our countries, are responsible for the future and well being of our people, without outside interferences from anyone.

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