Letter from Fidel to Maduro

Maduro y Fidel

The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution sent a letter to the Venezuelan President in reference to his speech addressing U.S. threats to his country

by Fidel Castro Ruz | internet@granma.cu

March 10, 2015 10:03:48

Dear Nicolás Maduro,

President of the BolivarianRepublic of Venezuela:

I congratulate you on your brilliant and courageous speech against the brutal plans of the U.S. government.

Your words go down in history as proof that humanity can and must know the truth.


fidel's signature

Fidel Castro Ruz

March 9, 2015

11.24 p.m.  

Source:  Letter from Fidel to Maduro  Granma

2 thoughts on “Letter from Fidel to Maduro

  1. A good letter from a great man of many possibilities and a great heart. Don´t loose faith Venezuela!, don´t let the US use their brutal capitalist politican warfare. Respect and honour for Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela and Fidel Castro of Cuba.

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