Cuba reiterates its unconditional support for Venezuela

March 6, 2015
by Laura Bécquer Paseiro

Support for Venezuela will always exist, and thus Cuba reaffirms that it will continue to be a true friend to the Bolivarian Revolution, stated the First Vice President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, on arrival to the South American nation.

maduro y diazIn a brief press conference held at the capital’s Maiquetía International Airport, Díaz-Canel also expressed the “the Greater Antilles´ unconditional support for the Bolivarian Revolution and its legitimate President, Nicolás Maduro, during the current situation Venezuela is experiencing.”

This evening Díaz-Canel will participate in acts commemorating the second anniversary since the passing of Bolivarian leader, Hugo Chávez, taking place at the Montaña Fortress, where his remains were laid to rest.

Source: Cuba reiterates its unconditional support for Venezuela  Granma

One thought on “Cuba reiterates its unconditional support for Venezuela

  1. Cuba and its people are simply being true to their revolutionary and internationalist duties to express their unconditional solidarity with the government and people of Venezuela in their battle against imperialism and its political opposition.

    Cuba’s solidarity with Venezuela at this time is particularly significance given the aggressive and vicious attacks by the oligarchic thugs and their imperialist masters in trying to overthrow the duly elected government of President Maduro.

    Cuba’s revolutionary leaders have been consistently principled in defending not only Venezuela’s independence and right to determine its destiny but it has also defended the independence and rights of peoples all over the world including Europeans and Americans to live in peace and dignity free from imperialism.

    Perhaps the US and other Western governments and their leaders who talk so much about ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ and “independence’ should talk less and follow the lead of the Cuban government to defend the elected government of Venezuela instead of trying to overthrow it. Indeed, the failure of the US and other Western governments to overtly and covertly condemn the thuggery of the political opposition in Venezuela who burn public buildings, colleges, subways and other infrastructure to drive fear in the people and create economic, political and social chaos will only continue to make them less credible and hypocritical in their pronouncements and policies all over the world.

    The US and other Western countries should cooperate with Venezuela and its government despite their obvious political and ideological differences because a prosperous economy in the South American country will create not only more demand for local goods and services but also more demand for imports from America and other Western countries. In other words, it is economically prudent for even political foes to cooperate economically to contribute to each other successes because in this case Venezuela’s success at least economically will help the American and western economies to grow creating jobs, incomes and profits for their respective exporters and importers.

    Cuba with its relatively paltry resources is reaching out to defend democracy and constitutionality in Venezuela and to assist Venezuela’s economy in the ways it can given its limitations. America and the other western countries that have traditionally ripped $billions in wealth from Venezuela should though very difficult for imperialists follow Cuba’s principled policy to at least serve the interests of their exporters to Venezuela and importers from Venezuela. Hopefully, Venezuela’s exporters and importers share this perspective and realize that to destabilize their own government is antithetical to their own business interests.


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