Venezuela Orders the US to Reduce Its Embassy Staff in Caracas

There are 100 U.S. officials presently working for the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela, while there are only 17 Venezuelan representatives at the country’s diplomatic mission in Washington.  Washington will have to remove about 83 officials working at the U.S. Embassy in Caracas within 15 days.

Delcy RodriguezVenezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said Monday that U.S. embassy officials have 15 days to reduce the number of staff in Caracas to 17.

The announcement came after the minister met with the U.S. embassy official in charge of trade, Lee McClenney.

Rodriguez added that her ministry granted the 15-day period in order to give the U.S. government time to report on the number and rank of their diplomatic staff at the embassy in Caracas.

The minister added that Monday the joint resolution adopted by the Ministries of the Interior and Foreign Relations that states U.S. tourists will now have to apply for a visa for reasons of reciprocity.

Rodriguez explained that these measures and the diplomatic actions taken regarding the U.S. embassy are in line with international law and that it is in response to the high level of reciprocity that should exist between sovereign nations.

The U.S. Embassy in Caracas

There are 100 U.S. officials presently working for the U.S. Embassy in Venezuela, while there are only 17 Venezuelan representatives at the country’s diplomatic mission in Washington.

The head of Venezuelan foreign affairs said that the meeting she held with McClenney was courteous and amicable. She added the meeting was to explain the new measures recently announced by President Nicolas Maduro that were in response to the reiterated acts of interventionism by the U.S. government, which include 103 statements against Venezuela in 2014 and 65 so far this year.

“We have called on relations of reciprocity and sovereign equality and we are calling on coherence,” she added.

Nicolas Maduro 9Maduro’s Announcements

On Saturday, Maduro announced a series of diplomatic measures against the United States aimed at avoiding any interference or imperialist attacks against Venezuela.

Maduro asked Washington to revise, reduce, modify and limit the number of officials working at its embassy in Caracas.

Source:  Venezuela Orders the US to Reduce Its Embassy Staff in Caracas  TeleSUR

One thought on “Venezuela Orders the US to Reduce Its Embassy Staff in Caracas

  1. The US and its Puppets in Venezuela Should Learnt that this is how Sovereignty looks!

    The actions of the Venezuelan government announced last Saturday by President Maduro to equalize the embassy staff of the US in Caracas to 17, the same size as the embassy staff of Venezuela in Washington DC is clearly a political decision on several levels.

    First, it is a political decision because the US government is giving moral, political and perhaps intelligence and financial assistance to their servants in the Venezuelan political opposition who are committed to the overthrow of the democratically elected government of President Maduro. The so-called political opposition leaders like the Mayor of Caracas, Señora Corina and the others who have been implicated in the recent coup attempt and those implicated in the other violent actions across the country like the burnings of subways, college campuses and the destruction of public assets like bridges and roads have one sole objective and that is to create chaos, fear and the destabilization of the duly elected government of Venezuela.

    These anti-democracy and anti- constitutional political and social forces are being backed and maybe even coordinated by the US government through the oversized embassy staff that Washington has in Caracas. Thus, it seems reasonable that the sovereign government of Venezuela has the right under national and international laws to protect its sovereignty and security against the actions of the US government and its local thugs to destabilize and overthrow it. There is no doubt that any sovereign government including that of the US would have taken similar measures to defend itself and people.

    Furthermore, the hands of the US government were clearly exposed in 2002 when under George Bush, the lesser, an attempt was made to briefly overthrow the sovereign government of President Chavez . Thanks to the viligance and organized resistance of the Venezuelan people, the duly elected Peesident of Venezuela at the time was literally returned to power by the people. The quick actions of the people including the leadership of the armed forces quickly rounded up the servants of the local oligarchy and imperialism surprising and leaving them in disarray and humiliation for having tried to overthrow a peoples’ democracy.

    Thus there is precedence as it relates to the decades of political, diplomatic, economic and intelligence interference of the US government not only in Venezuela but also throughout South America to get governments in the region to act in the interests of the US government, banks and corporations. The role of spies in the US embassy in Caracas in the 2002 against Chavez was unambiguously exposed by Peesident Chavez and his government as well as progressive elements in the US itself.

    Indeed, the first black president of the US effectively said recently that his government twists the arms of governments in the region to do what the US power centers deem to be in their best interests. It must be noted that the interests of those power centers such as US banks, corporations and greedy billionaires are not in the interests of Venezuelans and Americans.

    The Maduro government is evidently reminding President Obama and the interests he and his government represent that Venezuela is a sovereign country and its government is not for sale. The message of Venezuela and increasing the Latin Anerican region and world is that their countries, sovereignty and freedoms are not for sale to imperialism.

    Why does the American government need 100 embassy staff in Venezuela? How many of these embassy staffers are really diplomats? How many are CIA agents and other sinister forces being paid by US taxpayers to destabilize and overthrow a sovereign government that is disliked by Washington and Wall Street?Why should the tax dollars of millions of hard working Americans be used to underwrite the costs to overthrow the independent government of Venezuela whose only crimes are to uplift the poor and prevent the mafioso classes in Venezuela who serve the interests of imperialism from overthrowing it? What will these losers who coordinated with the US embassy staff in their earlier attempt in 2002 to overthrow Chavez’s government do should they get power again to solve the problems of housing, crime, unemployment, the urgent diversification of the Venezuelan economy among others?

    These looters of the Venezuelan treasury, these plunderers of Venezuela’s resources who shamelessly collaborated with US and other foreign interests for decades to make themselves and their foreign friends superrich while the majority of Venezuelans sink rdeeper into poverty and misery, what are their specific solutions to the problems referenced earlier that they failed to solve for decades when Chavez and Maduro were children and teenagers?

    The US government and its black president should wake up and smell Venezuela’s sovereignty. They should also see and respect the democratic will of the Venezuelan people who elected the government of President Maduro in 2013 not President Obama to lead them for six years. The US government and its embassy staff all 17 of them within two weeks should read the signs carried in the hearts of all Venezuelans (including those who disagree) with President Maduro and his government that “VENEZUELA IS NOT FOR SALE.”

    Indeed, those in the US who would like to buy Venezuela and those mafiosos in Venezuela who would like to sell their country to the US as they have done for decades in the past must begin to learn and very fast that not only has the world changed but Latin America has also changed but most importantly Venezuelans have changed in that their appetite and desire to be a free and sovereign people in charge of their resources and destiny are now deeper in their minds and hearts than ever before. The latter is one of the enduring legacy of their late leader Hugo Chavez being carried on by his successor President Maduro at a very difficult and challenging time.



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