Uruguayan President Criticizes Coup Attempt in Venezuela

President Mujica compared the strategy being employed in Venezuela with that used previously in Ukraine.

jose mujica y nicolas maduroThe outgoing president of Uruguay, Jose Mujica, stated on Friday that foreign interference in Venezuela constitutes a coup attempt.

Mujica compared the efforts to undermine the democratically elected government of Nicolas Maduro with the strategy employed in other countries such as Serbia, Ukraine and a number of Arab countries.

Tactics being applied in Venezuela for regime change

The Uruguayan president stated that the tactics described by U.S. academic Gene Sharp are being applied in Venezuela. Sharp’s ideas largely deal with regime change, which Mujica claims were successfully used for the first time in Serbia and subsequently used during the so-called Arab spring and to topple the government in Ukraine last year.

Mujica, who will leave his post on Sunday, made his comments during his radio program. His government’s foreign minister, Luis Almagro, previously has rejected in the domestic affairs of Venezuela, saying that he sees democracy in Venezuela as a “fundamental instrument for stability in the region.”

Source: Uruguayan President Criticizes Coup Attempt in Venezuela  TeleSUR

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