Cuba to be removed from US’ list of sponsors of terrorism

The move could happen as early as April paving the way for diplomatic embassies in Washington and Havana.  

josepjina vidal et alThe United States responded positively to Cuba’s call to be taken off from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism, a condition put forward by Havana before embassies could be opened in their respective capitals.

Roberta Jacobson, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, said on Friday during a press conference that her country is reviewing the terror list and will remove Cuba from it before April to pave the way for better ties between both nations.

“We are going to do that as quickly as we can in accordance with the requirements of the law, but we see that and the establishment of diplomatic relations as separate processes,” Jacobson said.

The Cuban government has insisted that diplomatic relations cannot exist while one country has the other one on a list of sponsors of terrorism.

A list that Cuba has never belonged to

“For us it would be difficult to explain that Cuba and the U.S. have re-established normal diplomatic relations while Cuba is kept in that list that we believe we have never belonged to,” said Josefina Vidal, director of Cuban Foreign Ministry’s North American affairs office, who is heading her country’s delegation in the talks.

Both Jacobson and Vidal said the two sides also worked out details of upcoming bilateral technical meetings over the next few weeks on issues such as smuggling, direct civil aviation and prevention of immigration fraud.

Cuba and the United States announced in December that they agreed to restore diplomatic ties after more than 50 years of frosty and sometimes hostile confrontations.

Both representatives in the second round of talks that took place Friday in Washington said they made good progress, although they did not set a date for renewal of diplomatic relations that Washington severed 54 years ago, imposing an illegal blockade on the island nation.

Dialogue to be continued

Vidal expressed a willingness to continue the dialogue in order to re-establish diplomatic relations.

“We are confident that there can be civilized relations and coexistence between Cuba and the United States and that we would be able to recognize and respect our difference so that as neighbors we can identify areas of mutual interest to cooperate for the benefit of our two countries, the region and world,” Vidal stated.

​These most recent talks continue the dialogue initiated by the parties on January 22 in Havana, Cuba and are a key step in implementing the new direction in U.S.-Cuba relations announced by President Obama on December 17, 2014.

Source:  Cuba to Be Removed from US’ List of Sponsors of Terrorism TeleSUR

3 thoughts on “Cuba to be removed from US’ list of sponsors of terrorism

  1. The US has undone another of its unjust action against Cuba that it did 54 years ago, namely to put Cuba on its “list of terrorist states.”

    As many progressives including the Cuban government itself have said Cuba should NEVER have been put on that list in the first place for one simple reason-revolutionary Cuba was not, is not and will never be “a terrorist state.” Revolutionary governments and revolutionaries are freedom fighters, they are liberators who fight to destroy oppressive systems like capitalism, racism, militarism. sexism and imperialism. Revolutionary governments like Cuba’s do not kill defenseless children and people only cowards and criminals do that because they and the oppressive systems they support have no real solutions to the peoples’ problems. They therefore resort to murder either in the name of ” freedom” and “democracy” like western imperialists historically do or they hijack religions like Alqueda or ISIS and others or like the Christian terrorists who enslaved and lynched and burnt Africans who resisted their oppression in America and elsewhere.

    Interestingly, the neo-fascist and neocolonial governments that ruled Cuba such as the corrupt and criminal Batista regime was never put on that list by the American government because American corporations and the US government got any and everything they wanted in terms of tax policy, Cuba’s resources, UN votes from the Cuban government and prostibulos on the island to satisfy the sexual desires of the US and Cuban millionaires. Why wasn’t the fascist Pinochet regime that aided the US government to overthrow the anti-imperialist government of Allende not on that list? Why wasn’t the racist apartheid South African regime on that list? Was the US government on that list? Was the Zionist Israeli government on that list? Was the corrupt and reactionary neocolonial government of Mobuto Sesse Seko in Zaire on that list?

    The answer is no because all of those regimes and many more were and are client states of the US i.e. they served and still serve the imperial interests of the so-called western democracies against the interests of their own peoples for real democracy and a better life.

    However, the Cuban government was and is tenaciously sovereign, anti-imperialist and unbuyable. Further it is independent in its pursuit of its domestic and foreign policies and for these reasons it was put on the “US’ terrorist list”. Simply put, Cuba was put on that list because it exercised its dignity against all odds to get Yankee boots off its neck and back in order to be truly free and sovereign.

    As such, the US government recently undid what it should not have done over 50 years ago with the hope of isolating and destroying Cuba’s revolution, a policy that instead isolated the US and other western nations from most of humanity primarily because most developing nations and some developed ones too felt that the US was simply wrong on Cuba morally.

    However, it was Cuba’s unrepentant stance in actively supporting, training, fighting and dying along side freedom fighters in Africa and elsewhere as well as its training of doctors and other professionals in short supply in these newly liberated nations cemented global support for Cuba’s fight against the Northern Goliath.

    Thus, though the Cuban government fought for and won, its removal from America’s list as a precondition for re establishing diplomatic relations which were also unilaterally ended by the US, it never accepted nor was it true that it was a “terrorist state.” Indeed, it was those who had the audacity to foolishly believe that they are the masters of the earth who committed some of the most horrific acts of terrorism from the Bay of Pigs invasion, bombings of hotels and a passenger plane in 1976 to biological and germ warfare against Cuba’s agriculture who really deserved beingb on their own infamous “list.”

    To close, it is fitting to ask the question which bears the title of a US made film” Will the real terrorist please stand?”

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