Bolivia: Morales Enjoys Massive Popular Support

Source: Prensa Latina
Feb 19 2015

President Evo Morales maintains a high approval rating today with 76 percent of Bolivians who describe his management in government as positive, confirmed a widespread survey here.

evo morales with the peopleAccording to the survey implemented by the international company Ipsos, the favorable assessment to the indigenous dignitary is highest in the departments of Pando, La Paz, Chuquisaca, Cochabamba, Tarija, Potosi and Santa Cruz.

Even, the current data is higher than the 61 percent support level reached by Morales in the general elections of 2014, when he won his third election, and the 75 points with which he closed his positive approval last year.

The previous week, the Bolivian leader was selected the third most popular president of the world, as he maintains 75 percent of acceptance to his performance as head of state.

evo morales playing footballThe ranking created by the Association of Political Communication indicated that the indigenous leader is only overcome by his counterparts in Russia, Vladimir Putin, and Ecuador, Rafael Correa.

This group created the international classification on the basis of the rates of support received by local and foreign surveyors companies, such as Ipsos, Support, and Market and Opinion

evo morales and the people

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