Story of the year: CimaVax-EGF, the first vaccine against lung cancer is Cuban

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The first therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer history has already been approved for marketing in Cuba. Now the experts evaluated the principle of implementing the function of promising drug in the treatment of other cancers.

lung cancer vaccineSpecialists Molecular Immunology Center of Havana took 25 years to develop the CimaVax-EGF vaccine. This preparation is an analog of EGF, epidermal growth factor, which is necessary for the growth and spread of cancer cells. In applying the drug, the body’s immune system attacks cells that produce EGF and thus tumor growth is significantly reduced.


The vaccine may not prevent the disease but improves the condition of critically ill patients. The Cimavax-EGF treatment is indicated for patients who have already undergone chemotherapy or radiation and are considered terminals without therapeutic alternative. Cimavax-EGF helps control tumor growth without associated toxicity and increases life expectancy and quality of life of patients with these tumors.

As explained in the local press project director, Gisela Gonzalez, the drug “offers the possibility of converting the advanced cancer into a manageable chronic disease, while generating antibodies against proteins triggers uncontrolled processes of cell proliferation”.

In Cuba CimaVax-EGF was approved for clinical use in patients with the third and fourth stage cancer who did not experience positive results with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Patients in the country’s hospitals receive the vaccine free of charge. Lung cancer in the Caribbean island annually takes life of about 20,000 people. In 12 of the 15 provinces of Cuba this disease is the leading cause of mortality.

Worldwide, according to recent data from the World Wide Fund for Cancer Research, each year 12 million cases of cancer are recorded. Nearly 2.8 million people become ill because of their lifestyle, including bad habits, poor diet and overweight. Experts warn that the number of these patients over the next decade will increase sharply.

Source:  Story of the year: CimaVax-EGF, the first vaccine against lung cancer is Cuban  TeleSUR

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