Signs of ‘Soft Coup’ Underway in Argentina

An Argentina-based human rights watchdog issued a statement warning of right-wing destabilization efforts.  

Cristina Fernandez ArgentinaRight-wing opposition forces within Argentina are applying “soft coup” tactics in order to undermine the government of President Cristina Fernandez, the Military Center for Argentine Democracy (CEMIDA) said Tuesday.

“The application of these strategies constitutes a ‘soft coup’, which can also be seen right now in Venezuela, a country that has dared to carry out Socialism for the twenty-first century,” the statement by the Argentine human rights group read.

The U.S. government is uncomfortable with the ongoing integration process

CIMEDA analyst Elsa Bruzzone and the head of the NGO, retired Col. Jose Luis Garcia, warned against Washington’s strategies in the Latin American region, saying the U.S. government is uncomfortable with the ongoing integration process.

The CIMEDA was conclusive when saying that ex-agents of Argentina’s previous secret service were involved in the “soft” coup plans in complicity with the CIA and the Israeli secret service known as Mossad.

The statement coincides with the decision taken by Argentine Prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita, who announced he would pursue attorney Alberto Nisman’s accusations of a high-level cover-up in the AMIA Jewish community center case, involving President Fernandez.

A judicial coup

Pollicita, the legal attorney who took over from Nisman in the investigations of the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish centre in Buenos Aires that left 85 people dead, has endured Nisman’s findings by filing documents with Argentine Judge Daniel Rafecas, seeking the indictment of the president, her Foreign Minister Hector Timerman, and other officials and associates on charges that they sought to obstruct the official AMIA investigations.

However, members of the Argentine government and high-ranking legal officials have dismissed the accusations and the investigation into the death of Nisman as being a judicial coup.

​The Argentine head of state received solidarity from her Ecuadorean counterpart Saturday over the attempts to undermine her government. President Rafael Correa, during his weekly program Citizen’s Link, offered “all our support and our love for Cristina, who faces new destabilization attempts.”

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Source:  Signs of ‘Soft Coup’ Underway in Argentina  TeleSUR

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