Brazil’s Landless Movement Denounce US ongoing destabilization plans against Venezuela

The Brazilian national movement released a communique that it would defend the Bolivarian Revolution against right-wing destabilization efforts.

brazil's landless march in support of venezuelaBrazil’s nationwide Landless Movement released a statement today denouncing U.S. sanctions against Venezuela and ongoing destabilization efforts.

The statement reads, “The [U.S.] still believes that Latin America and the Caribbean is its backdoor, and continues to utilize and apply methods devised from the Monroe Doctrine today, in the 21st century, with the goal to destroy a transformative political process that Venezuela has lived for fifteen years.”

The statement also expressed its discontent in regards to the “infamous unilateral sanctions that the U.S. Government, true to its imperial spirit, has imposed on the Venezuelan government and people.”

Simon Bolivar’s letter

Remembering the words of South American Liberator Simon Bolivar, the movement referenced Bolivar’s letter to Sr. Irvine, U.S. government agent on Oct. 7, 1818. The quote reads, “… I will not allow you to insult or disparage the Venezuelan government and its rights. Defending them against Spain has decimated a large portion of our population, but the rest are willing to face the same fate. Venezuela will fight the rest of the world in the same way it fought Spain, if the rest of the world offends it.”

Movements and governments internationally have continued to express their solidarity with Venezuela in light of ongoing U.S. support for right wing coup attempts, destabilization through economic measures among efforts.

Source:  Landless Movement rejects US interference in Venezuela

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