Bolivian President Denounces Neoliberal Attacks Against Venezuela

President Evo Morales critiqued the ongoing attacks to destabilize Venezuelan democracy.

evo morales 10In an exclusive interview with teleSUR Monday, Bolivian President Evo Morales spoke of neoliberalism and imperialism’s long history across the Americas. Morales denounced the ongoing attacks against Venezuela in light of the international forum currently underway in Caracas and organized by teleSUR and the Venezuelan Ombudsman Office addressing human rights abuses that take place under neoliberal regimes.

The economic war and political destabilization plan against Venezuela is rooted in the last 15 years of opposition attempts to unconstitutionally take over state power. Morales applauded the Venezuelan people for “defeating political conspiracies with maturity.”

In addition, Morales spoke to the case of Bolivia and the country’s efforts to establish a popular democracy. Morales explained that previously the Andean nation’s natural resources were under the thumb of transnational corporations.

“After 20 years we recuperated our democracy and sovereignty as well as our economic and political liberation,” emphasized Morales. “Now, the politics do not come from outside (of Bolivia), from the United States…The United States does not dictate here, the indigenous do,” he said.

Morales added in light of the upcoming summit for the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), “Now is the time for Latin America and the Caribbean.”

The South American president also commended the people of Greece on the recent election of the left wing party SYRIZA in this weekend’s parliamentary elections. “The people’s democratic liberation has begun in Europe, starting with Greece, “he remarked.

Morales also expressed his wishes for greater ties with nations in Africa also in an anti-imperialist struggle.

He also celebrated Bolivia’s current efforts to reinvigorate indigenous beliefs in the country’s economic and political sectors.

Source:  Bolivian President Denounces Neoliberal Attacks Against VenezuelaTeleSUR

2 thoughts on “Bolivian President Denounces Neoliberal Attacks Against Venezuela

  1. I could not say it better than President Morales. His message of sovereign rule over our resources in Latin America and the Caribbean resonate fully with me. Likewise his message of solidarity with the Venezuelan people and against the imperialist campaign of political and economic destabilization is consistent with his defense of national sovereignty over our resources and destiny as Latin Americans and West Indians.

    President Morales’ staunch support of the upcoming CELAC summit as significant to the long term struggles of the region’s people to reshape our relationships globally including those relationships with the empire is a call to action to seize “the moment” to advance our peoples struggles in practical policy ways.

    Finally, the indigenous leader of Bolivia is right on to highlight the imperative to connect our regional battles against imperialist domination with the battles of Africans against enslavement by debt, diseases, hunger and poverty that imperialism imposes on Africans and all peoples they seek to conquer.

    He is indeed correct to reach out to our African brothers and sisters who are battling the same forces who desire to keep us in the cage of oppression and domination. Let us form broader bands of unity to fight Goliath!

    La Lucha continua!

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