Non Aligned Movement Backs Venezuela against U.S. Sanctions

The group of 120 nations issued a statement denouncing the sanctions as an intervention into Venezuelan affairs.

non-aligned movement

Presidents meeting at the Non-Aligned Summit in 2012 | Photo: Presidency India

The Non-Aligned Movement issued a statement Saturday rejecting the latest set of sanctions imposed by the United States against Venezuelan officials.

The body representing 120 nations described the sanctions as “intended to undermine Venezuela’s sovereignty, its political independence and its right to self-determination.”

The U.S. government announced a new set of sanctions last week which target former and current Venezuelan officials. The U.S. has justified various rounds of sanctions by claiming corruption and that human rights abuses occurred in the oil rich county during a wave of violence that left 43 dead in 2014.

Sanctions are politically motivated

However the Venezuelan government has pointed out the sanctions are politically motivated, and that they form part of U.S. plans to oust the elected government, given that the overwhelming majority of the 43 fatalities were caused by right-wing extremist’s violence.

The Non-Aligned Movement, considers the unilateral sanctions a “violation of international law, including the United Nations Charter and the basic principles of international law of relations between states”.

Furthermore the group of nations considered the measure “coercive” and manifested its solidarity with the Venezuelan people and their government.

The UNASUR group of South American nations has also rejected the sanctions and will launch a probe to evaluate Venezuela’s evidence of U.S. meddling in internal affairs.

Source: Non Aligned Movement Backs Venezuela against U.S. Sanctions TeleSUR

2 thoughts on “Non Aligned Movement Backs Venezuela against U.S. Sanctions

  1. Good, its a good news that the non aligned Nations have done this gesture in backing up Venezuela. The evil of the imperialists will fall and will crumble down to the ground on its own weight because their power has been achieved by force, deceptions, lies, cruelty, blood, illegal interventions, blackmail, corruption etc…..

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