Ecuador Eliminates Poverty in Capital Region

Following national development goals of Good Living the province of Pichincha, which includes the capital Quito, is the first province to have eradicated extreme poverty. 

ecuador eliminates poverty

163,103 people have come out of poverty in Pichincha (TeleSUR)

Gladys Kinka grows golden berries at a plot next to her family home outside of Quito. Previously in the condition of extreme poverty, Kinka received a US$500 credit last year to begin her business, now supplying golden berries to a national supplier. She is one of the 163,103 citizens in the Pichincha province, previously categorized as experiencing extreme poverty earning US$44 per month, who has now come out of this condition.

“I was not in good economic condition, because I was sick. So to start the farm they told me that I needed a credit. I got a credit and began planting golden berries. I bought everything that I needed to begin this, and the economic conditions of my family and well-being of my children has since improved,” said Kinka, while harvesting berries.

The 6,2% poverty rate in 2006 fell to 1,9% in 2014

As part of the national development goals of Good Living and coordination with the provincial government, the 6,2% poverty rate in 2006 fell to 1,9% in 2014. Through the human development credit and professional training programs, families like that of Kinka now have the necessary support and tools to continue moving forward.

Kinka said, “I have 2,600 plants. I give them to a company in Tumbaco called Tierra Fertile. They are the one who sold us the plants, with the notion that we would hand over our produce to them. So we have an organic operation, which allows us to transport this produce to Tumbaco.”

The Citizen’s Revolution has made it a priority to eliminate extreme poverty by 2017. Through its effective cooperation with the national government, Pichincha has been recognized as the first province to meet national poverty reduction goals.

The result of effective policies

The Technical Secretary for Poverty Eradication Ana Maria Larrea, told teleSUR English, “What we see is the combination of reducing poverty and inequality, we know that this is not due to patching up the problem, or short-term assistance, but to policies that have effectively made local economies more dynamic, to policies that have generated work, that have created dignified employment.”

Through sustainable governmental policies allowing families to independently improve their conditions, Pichincha is setting the standard for the other 23 provinces to effectively work towards eliminating extreme poverty by 2017.

Source:  Ecuador Eliminates Poverty in Capital Region TeleSUR

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