Joe Biden behind Venezuela Destabilization Plans, Says Maduro

The Venezuelan president accused Biden of planning his overthrow along with right-wing Latin American allies.

 maduro warns of destabilization plans against veezuelaVenezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned Sunday that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is involved in plotting a coup against his democratically-elected government.

The socialist head of state said that not only were the national and international right-wing planning actions to destabilize the government, but that Biden himself was meeting with other Latin American governments to arrange the assault.

“The imperial power of the north has entered into a dangerous phase of desperation. They have gone to talk with the governments of the continent to plan the overthrow of my government,” Maduro said Sunday during a ceremony marking the birth of Ezequiel Zamora, a key figure in Venezuela’s history.

“I accuse the vice president of the United States, Joe Biden, personally of having spoken with the presidents and prime ministers,” he added.

A call for unity

Maduro, whose government has faced a series of economic and violent destabilizations over the past years, which have intensified recently, went on to call for unity in the country and for strength in the armed forces against these attempts.

“We have to be alert, very alert, prepared, organized: the people’s fighting blocs, the Bolivar-Chavez Battle Units, the community councils, the communes, the forces, rural workers, the workers, the women, the youth, the movements of sexual diversity, ecologists, everyone,” he said.

Last Friday, Maduro spoke of a meeting in Washington between Biden and leaders of Latin America, “urging them to leave Venezuela isolated” now that “the government is going to fall.”

Last week, right-wing Spanish and U.S. newspapers published a number of fabricated accusations about Maduro’s government, further raising suspicions that destabilization attempts could intensify.

Source: Joe Biden behind Venezuela Destabilization Plans says President Maduro  TeleSUR

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3 thoughts on “Joe Biden behind Venezuela Destabilization Plans, Says Maduro

  1. The Imperial powers want to destabilize not only Venezuela but other countries in the Middle East, Persia, Africa, etc… they have gotten away with many countries already that are under the domination of the “Global Ruling Money Gangsters”. Its all about money and to implant the International Banking System for the benefit of just a few.

    • Well said. Even if truth offends, is not a sin. Jamaica either under said domination or …
      Give thanks for united action like CELAC which need more popular support from all of us who love freedom and independence to choose a decent way of life for humanity and a sustainable planet.
      As the conscious reggae artistes chant: “Stand up for yu rights; fight down war and crime; never get weary” and much more positive vibrations.

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