Venezuela Firm with Opposition-links Hoarding Millions in Goods

Government officials announced that the seized goods will be distributed in government stores.

hoarded goods in venezuelaThe Venezuelan government announced Wednesday that they discovered another massive stockpile of hoarded, essential goods in a warehouse owned by the Herrera company, the same company found hoarding goods earlier this week.

Detergent, diapers, razors, milk, rice and tuna 

Among the items discovered in the Herrera operated warehouses included 135 tons of detergent, 5,000 packs of diapers, 94,000 razors, 50 tons of milk, 38 tons of rice, and 158,000 cans of tuna. Venezuelans have been faced with product shortages and line up at stores, in large part due to deliberate hoarding by companies such as Herrera.

The governor of the state of Zulia, Stella Lugo, stated that hoarded products were also discovered in 3 warehouses in her state.

Venezuelan Vice President Jorge Arreaza said that the recovered products will be handed over to the Commerce Ministry to be distributed and sold to Venezuelans at regulated prices via government stores.

Government officials also announced that 11 people will be charged in connection to their role in the hoarding of essential goods.

Links to opposition party

Arreaza expressed regret that companies such as Herrera, who has investors tied to the opposition Popular Will party, would join in right-wing efforts to destabilize the country by creating artificial shortages.

“The Venezuelan people can clearly identify who is denying them (essential goods), who is hiding it from them, who is hoarding products from them,” said Rosalio Torrealba, a member of the ruling government coalition.

The right-wing opposition is attempting to exploit the issue of shortages in order to oust the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

On Wednesday, opposition leader, Henrique Capriles called on his supporters to take to the streets and demand a change of government. This is the second time this week Capriles has called for people to protest and several incidents of violence have already been reported throughout the country.

Capriles was the opposition candidate in presidential elections in 2012 and 2013, losing both times.

Source: Venezuela Firm with Opposition-links Hoarding Millions in Goods  TeleSUR

4 thoughts on “Venezuela Firm with Opposition-links Hoarding Millions in Goods

  1. There you go again! The capitalists and their system have no solutions to the everyday problems of unemployment, food, health care and education faced by ordinary folks in Venezuela and elsewhere. However, though they have no solutions to the people’s problems, they are solidly opposed to those like the Maduro government that are committed to take on the challenges to find solutions to these problems.

    Consequently, all the capitalists and their servants have left are economic sabotage, lies and revenge to punish the people including the relatively few poor people who support them in Venezuela. Their fleeting hope is to frustrate and alienate the masses of Venezuelans from their Bolivarian revolution.

    Their criminal acts of hoarding foods and other basic consumer goods like soaps, rice, cooking oil and detergents from the people is intended to create the impression that it is the mismanagement of the Maduro government that is at fault. Their vicious economic crimes should be crushed rather firmly by the state. Hopefully, they will be sent to prison after their constitutional due process for a very long time.

    Equally, the political actions of the loser leader Capriles to forment fear, injury and death of Venezuelans through violence must be staunchly crushed as well in order to deliver the peace and stability that the people of Bolivar not only need but also deserve.

    Here again, the violence like the economic sabotage of the political losers in Venezuela are manifest evidence not only of their disinterest in providing solutions to the pressing problems of the people but it also shows their political desperation in their efforts to dislodge the legitimate government of the people.

    Against the background of the foregoing, anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear and a modicum of disposition to be honest should now have the evidence that the shortages of rice, cooking oil, soaps and other consumer products were being hidden by the forces of the oligarchy and their political servants like the two time loser Capriles. Hopefully, even those individuals who are unhappy with the Maduro government and may even be in the political opposition may speak out against their leaders use of hiding foods and other consumer goods as political tools of war against the legitimate government of Venezuela.

    The struggle continues to confiscate the foods and other consumer products hidden in the warehouses of the Venezuelan oligarchy. The struggle must also continue to deliver these products to the people and to jail and expose the shameless criminals who seek to punish the poor in Venezuela for supporting their revolution.

    Hasta la Victoria siempre!

    Viva la revolution Venezuelana!

    Vivan Chavez y Maduro!

    Viva el pueblo Venezuelano!

  2. These people who hoard those basic needs are working for the diabolical imperialist cabal. How can they have the heart to hide those goods and at the same time demand the resignation of the government that is trying to do the best for their country?. They must be real satanical.
    Its like blaming the government of Cuba for the shortages they had for more than 50 years when the real reason is the economic blockade the lizards imposed on Cuba for not complying with the Imperialist desires.

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  4. We have lived through a similar experience in Jamaica during the late 70’s- 80’s when the JLP opposition in their desperation to remove the progressive Manley regime resorted to ‘sorched earth’ policy of unprecedented terrorist violence, hoarding of basic food items to create artificial shortages, mis- information/ dis-information campaign in the imperialist press and the local mouth-pieces of the bourgeoise. The key to dealing with this though is to mobilise the working people( unemployed) student and patriotic elements within the capitalist class and go on the offensive of communicating, communicating with the people and taking decisive when necessary against the reaction.

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