Michael Brown’s Parents Speak Out

In a TV interview they challenged the decision of a St. Louis grand jury to not indict police officer Darren Wilson in the killing of their 18-year old son.

michael brown parentsThe parents of Michael Brown, the unarmed Black teenager slain by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, gave an interview Wednesday rejecting claims made by Wilson.

michael brownMichael Brown Sr.,the father of Michael Brown, told CBS This Morning that he thought that the characterization of their son by Darren Wilson and the Ferguson police department was unfair, “For one, my son, he respected law enforcement. Two, who in their right mind would rush or charge at a police officer that has his gun drawn? It sounds crazy.”

Michael Brown’s mother, Lesley McSpadden said, “I don’t think he wanted to kill my son, but he wanted to kill someone.” “Why did you choose to wake up with a chip on your shoulder and do what you did to our son?” she asked.

At the end of his statement Wilson says he would do it again

About Wilson he added, “At the end of his statement he says he would do it again.”

Lesley McSpadden said of Wilson’s claim that his conscience is clear, “How can your conscious be clear after killing someone, even if it was an accidental death?”

When asked about Michael Brown’s stepfather, overcome with grief, yelling to a Ferguson crowd, “Burn this bitch down!” in response to the grand jury’s decision not to indict his stepson’s killer, Mrs.Spadden said, “The crowd was already stirred. It’s been stirring since Aug. 9. I wouldn’t hold him accountable for that. They stirred the pot. They had everyone on edge.”

Brown Sr., said he was going to work for a conviction of Wilson under federal law, “We’re just going to keep fighting and pray for a better outcome”

The family attorney, Benjamin Crump, said, “We plan on exhausting every legal avenue possible to give them some sense of justice.”

Source: Michael Brown’s Parents Speak Out  TeleSur English

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