Guatemala: Cubans doctors treat patients at new ophthalmologic hospital

new ophthalmologic hospital in GuatemalaA new ophthalmologic hospital was opened in Mixco, municipality in the department of Guatemala, as part of Operation Miracle, a program through which Cuban specialists have treated 134,988 people since 2008.

Coordinator of the Cuban medical brigade, Manuel Torres, told Prensa Latina that the Guatemalan Ministry of Public Health and Social Care, together with the Cuban collaborators, established a strategic alliance with the municipality of Mixco resulting in the inauguration of the new hospital.

The clinic, commented Torres, will offer ophthalmologic consultations to all those suffering from visual problems; diagnosis; treatment; laboratory tests; and pre and post operative care, as well as surgical procedures for cataracts and other eye diseases.

Fourteen Cubans make up the healthcare team

Fourteen Cuban professionals make up the healthcare team, including the director; two specialists in ophthalmology; two ophthalmologists; one general doctor; four nurses; one theatre nurse; and one optometrist, and electro-medicine and anesthesia engineer, stated Torres.

With this new hospital, the country now has four ophthalmology institutions, in which Cuban healthcare professionals offer their services. The other three are located in the municipalities of Escuintla (central-southern region), Jalapa (southeast) and Villa Nueva (central-southern), in the department of Guatemala.

Guatemalan patient Ana Victoria Alarcón told Prensa Latina that she came to the Villa Nueva clinic on the recommendation of three neighbors who previously had visual problems, but can now see well.

Hoping to receive treatment to improve vision in his left eye, Ángel Muralles stated that news was going around the city that the Cuban doctors were very good and didn’t charge.

Source:   Cubans doctors treat patients at new ophthalmologic hospital     Granma International

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