Bolivia contributes one million dollars to the fight against Ebola

Evo Morales 6In the context of the global fight against Ebola, Bolivian President Evo Morales announced today that his country will contribute one million to the UN to combat the epidemic, reported Telesur.

“This is a symbolic contribution, but one which is very important, and with it we wish to prevent the spread of the epidemic to Europe, Latin America and other nations,” stated Morales during a press conference in La Paz.

According to Telesur, the Bolivian President reported that necessary measures have been implemented in order to prevent the illness from reaching the country.

“Epidemiological vigilance is increasing, drills are being conducted and personnel prepared,” he added.

In addition, he emphasized that there are three teams equipped to prevent Ebola in La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.

Five million dollars donated by Venezuela

maduro 10Bolivia’s contribution will add to the five million dollars donated by Venezuela, to whom Evo sent a message of greetings: “I send my greetings, respect, and admiration to the Venezuelan government, for their contribution of five million dollars to control Ebola,” he expressed.

Cuba and the ALBA-TCP Summit on Ebola

Similarly, the Bolivian President highlighted a meeting he held with UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon, in which “we discussed Ebola, and he said he was impressed by Cuba and Venezuela’s participation in this struggle.”

The donation was made following the Extraordinary ALBA-TCP Summit on Ebola – to coordinate actions to stop the spread of the epidemic, held October 20, in Havana.

Source: Bolivia contributes one million dollars to the fight against Ebola  Granma International

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