WPC: End the Massacre of the Palestinian People Now!

Source:  World Peace Council

July 11 2014

world peace council 5The World Peace Council expresses its outrage with the ongoing bombardment of the Palestinian Gaza strip by the Israeli occupation forces which have resulted already in more than 100 dead and hundreds of injured, majority civilians and even children among them.

We condemn the brutal murderous attack by the Israeli Air Force against the Palestinian people aiming at the collective punishment of a people struggling for its inalienable right for an independent state and with obvious goals to obstruct any kind of negotiations and peace settlement in the decades long occupation.

We denounce furthermore the recent increase of all kinds of intimidation and arrests in the Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem against Palestinians citizens.

The aggressive policy of the occupation regime of Israel

The aggressive policy of the occupation regime of Israel, the ongoing settlements in the West bank and Jerusalem, demolition of houses, the separation wall in the West Bank is being fully supported by the USA and the EU, who are equating victims and aggressors. It is constituting a criminal complicity in the slow genocide of the Palestinian people.

We support the right of the Palestinian people to resist occupation in their territories and demand the end of all type of attacks by the Israeli army.  Peace and stability in the region can only be achieved by the establishment and recognition of an independent State of Palestine within the borders of 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The WPC condemns all efforts to divide the Palestinian people and territories and demands the release of all Palestinian political prisoners from Israeli jails as well the right for the return of Palestinian refugees to their lands according to the UN Resolution 194.

We call upon all members and friends of the WPC to take up initiatives of protest against the Israeli aggressiveness and to express solidarity with the Palestinian people as well as with the peace-loving forces inside Israel.

The massacre of the Palestinian people has to end now!

The Secretariat WPC 11 July 2014


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