Cuban trade mission starts working sessions in Jamaica

 Kingston, July 8, 2014.

Cuban Cham of Comm meets Anthony Hylton 2The trade mission from the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba made their first presentations at the Conference Room of the Hotel Four Seasons in Kingston. The plenary session was chaired by the Hon. Anthony Hylton, Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce of Jamaica; Ms. Diane Edwards, President, JAMPRO; Mr. Robert Scott, Vice President, Export and Market Development, JAMPRO; Mr. Ricardo Tur Novo, Minister Counsellor and Charge d’ Affaires, Embassy of Cuba in Jamaica; Ms. Mirtha Rippes Aller, officer, Chamber of Commerce of Cuba; and Mr. Jesús González Pérez, officer, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment of Cuba.

Close bonds of friendship

In his address, the Hon. Anthony Hylton, Minister of Industry, referred to the close bonds of friendship between the peoples of Jamaica and Cuba. He said that Cuba is a market that offers many opportunities and we have to work toward further strengthening the economic ties that unite us in the future. He stressed the importance of Cuba’s cooperation in health care and education.

The Minister said that Jamaica, as well as the other CARICOM member States, continues to support the resolution calling for an end of the US blockade against Cuba and recalled that Jamaica worked within the regional body to deal with the ban of U.S. warehouse club PriceSmart on Cuban diplomats that prevented them from accessing its services in Jamaica.

Ms. Diane Edwards thanked the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba and the Embassy of Cuba in Jamaica for their assistance in organizing the event.

The Minister Counsellor and Charge d’ Affaires of the Embassy of Cuba in Jamaica noted that the visit of the Cuban trade mission takes place in a context where his country is working to diversify the economy, and that this forum will contribute to continue to identify business opportunities and increase existing trade between the two countries.

cuban medical staffcThe officers from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment and the Chamber of Commerce presented the results achieved by Cuba and Jamaica in the areas of trade, cooperation and others. González Pérez noted that, for example, with regard to medical cooperation, the two-operating room Eye Centre has had a great impact not only in Jamaica but also in the Caribbean region.

Biotechnology and pharmacology

For her part, Rippes Aller provided detailed information on the procedures and requirements to invest in Cuba, as well as details of the Mariel Special Development Zone opened on November 1, 2013. She stated that the fields of greatest interest to her country are biotechnology and pharmacology, renewable energy, tourism, food industry, among others.

Mariel Special Development Zone cubaCaribbean and Latin Travel Agency, Aerogaviota Airline representative in Jamaica, made a presentation to promote the services of the agency, the only one operating direct flights from Kingston to Santiago de Cuba and Havana and from Montego Bay to Holguin and Havana.

Source:  Embassy of Cuba in Jamaica

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1 thought on “Cuban trade mission starts working sessions in Jamaica

  1. This is a great day for the English Speaking Caribbean, when efforts are made to strengthen the historical bonds between Cuba and the region. Much is owed by Cuba to tens of thousands of men from this and other English Speaking islands and Haiti, who flocked to Cuba in the early XX century and with their sweat, tears and lives, turned Cuba into the largest sugar producer in the world.

    Again in 1972, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Guyana courageously broke the yoke of isolation tstifling Cuba, nothwithstanding serious threats of retaliation from the neighborhood most powerful country.

    Cuba has returned its solidarity to these, every country in the region, Africa and Asia, in health, education, sports and culture. Now is the time for similar solidarity in the area of Commerce. Welcome!!

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