JSC Interviews Rene Gonzalez, Part 2: This is the time to free our brothers

rene gonzalezIn a recent exclusive interview with Cuban anti-terrorist fighter, René González (see part 1 of the interview here), JSC asked Rene about the prospects of the freeing of Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio, three of the Five Cuban heroes who are still unjustly imprisoned in the US.

According to René “this is an opportune moment for the release of my brothers who remain in prison … different sectors in the world are demanding an improvement in U.S. relations with Cuba … this feeling is especially strong in Latin America and the Caribbean and they are willing to support their stance with concrete actions”…

We realize that the United States has not changed its position toward Cuba, said René, but, he added, the place of the U.S. in world politics is becoming weaker and  many of its manoeuvres and interferences have come to light.

The Cuban anti-terrorist fighter told JSC that all the indications are that the American electorate expect actions from President Barak Obama that have not yet materialized. “I think that one of these actions would be improving relations with Cuba,” he said.

five cuban heroes 4

Photo:  L-R: Fernando, Antonio, Gerardo, Ramón, René

“Obviously, everything about the relationship between Cuba and the United States must include the case of the Five. All this is linked to the Five. In this context, we should mention a change in the Florida electorate´s opinion and the discredit of the Cuban-American cheap politicians in US national politics.”

“This is further compounded by the fact that at present the case of the Five is not a major issue for the American right.” I would say, Rene Gonzalez remarked, that solving the case of the Five would be advantageous to President Obama.

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Jimmy Carter, President of the USA 1977 – 1981, statement made on March 30 2011: “I believe that the detention of the Cuban Five makes no sense, there have been doubts expressed in the U.S. courts and by human rights organizations around the world. They have now been in prison 12 years and I hope that in the near future they will be freed to return to their homes.”



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