UNESCO Highlights Cuban Educational Achievements

cuba education

Herman van Hooff, director of the regional cultural office for Latin America and the Caribbean with the UN Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) said on Wednesday that Cuba is acknowledged around the world for its high level in the implementation of the objectives of the Education for All program.

The objectives include attention and education of children, universal elementary education, high literacy indicators in the adult population, equality of genre and high quality education.

Education for All is a UNESCO initiative aimed at meeting the people’s education needs through a series of objectives included in the 11th UNESCO report entitled Teaching and Learning, issued in Havana.

UNESCO is very pleased with the achievements of Cuba in the field of education said Van Hooff, who mentioned some of the outstanding areas, such as elementary education and the illiteracy campaign. Cuba is also the Latin American country that dedicates the largest portion of its GDP to education, some 13 percent, he noted.

Source: UNESCO Highlights Cuban Educational Achievements

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