Hugo Chávez honored in Cuba

hugo chavez 11With the organization of forums, photographic expositions, conferences and film showings, Cuba is participating in the month-long tribute to former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez entitled Por aquí pasó Chávez (Chávez passed this way), which is being sponsored by more than 170 Venezuelan consulates and embassies around the world.

The commemoration was opened in Venezuela by President Nicolás Maduro with a march of thousands in Caracas to the Montaña Fortress, where the former leader was laid to rest.

In the Dominican Republic, authorities in the province of San Pedro de Macorís joined the international commemoration by officially re-naming an avenue in honor of President Chávez.

Several activities have been organized in Quito, Ecuador, with special emphasis on an event to be held February 19 at the Foreign Ministry. The National Assembly will also make a special declaration as a tribute to the untiring Latin American leader.

The Venezuelan embassy in Greece has organized activities, including the planting of olive trees, in the country’s three most important cities – in four Athens neighborhoods, Tesalonica and Patras. Embassies in Russia, Brazil and across Latin America have announced plans.

Month-long commemoration

The month-long commemoration, meant to highlight the life and work of Chávez, began on February 4, the date on which, in 1992, he led a civilian-military rebellion to resist the International Monetary Fund’s neoliberal policies being implemented by then-President Carlos Andrés Pérez. Events will continue through March 5, the first anniversary of the Bolivarian leader’s death.

Throughout the month in Cuba, book presentations, exposition openings, concerts, marches, festivals, community sports and environmental days will be held to honor Chávez.

The first commemoration took place February 4, on Havana’s Avenue of Presidents, where a statue of Simón Bolívar is located. Edgar González Martínez, the Venezuelan embassy’s business attaché spoke, emphasizing the historic importance of the 1992 rebellion which gave the people hope for social change. The date was designated Venezuela’s National Day of Dignity.

Elio Gámez Neyra, vice president of the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP) said, “Cuba and Venezuela, despite attacks, difficulties and threats, have made clear the validity of socialism as a feasible social project, one of great justice and equality for all.”


Open to the public at ICAP headquarters is the exposition entitled Chávez, en el corazón del pueblo (Chávez in the heart of the people), composed of 19 giant photographs by Raúl Abreú Acuña, capturing the Venezuelan leader’s visits to Cuba.

In Havana’s Casa de las Américas, sociologist and researcher Germán Sánchez Otero, Cuba’s former ambassador in Venezuela, presented a talk, with students from Hugo Chávez Elementary School showing their love for their mentor, along with many members of the diplomatic corps in attendance.

In Matanzas, some 100 kilometers east of the capital, an exhibit was inaugurated featuring 36 photos of the meetings Cuba’s historic leader Fidel Castro held with his Venezuelan friend and colleague. A group of young people in the eastern province of Granma honored Chávez by scaling Pico Caracas, in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, reaching an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level.

A traveling exposition entitled Chávez Comandante eterno was inaugurated at the Vicente García Provincial Museum in Las Tunas by a group of Cubans who completed internationalist missions in Venezuela, in the areas of healthcare, sports and culture, several of whom had the opportunity to meet Chávez.

Santiago de Cuba’s Provincial Library is also displaying a special collection of books, magazines and newspapers related to Venezuela’s eternal Bolivarian President. •

Source:  Granma International

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