Cuban Vaccine Against Advanced Lung Cancer Shows Encouraging Results

Source:  Radio Cardena Agraminte
 January  15 2014

vaccine Racotumomab (Vaxira) cubaThe therapeutic vaccine Racotumomab (Vaxira), developed by Havana’s Molecular Immunology Center (CIM) for advanced lung cancer is among Cuba’s countless scientific achievements, assert experts of that institution.

This immunogen, which began to be applied in primary health care after its registration on the island in 2012, has shown encouraging results of survival and improvement of the quality of life of patients suffering from this deadly disease.

Dr. Alina Hernandez, commercial and business manager of the company in charge of commercializing products and services of the CIM, told ACN that this product of Cuban biotechnology, used in stage four of lung cancer, is safe, has no adverse effects and is registered in Cuba and Argentina.

In recent statements, Doctor of Sciences Agustin Lage, director of this center of the BioCubaFarma business group, explained that the production capacity of Vaxira, in addition to guaranteeing the demand of Cuban patients in need of it, makes it possible to carry out clinical trials in Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Germany and Indonesia.

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