1500 Angolans studying in Cuba

Source:  Radio Cadena Agramonte

Cuba and Angola Mark 38th Anniversary of Bilateral Relations

November 15.2013

Cuban and Angolan flagsCuba and Angola are celebrating the 38th Anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations, which was  made possible by the blood shed by sons of both countries in the struggle for the Independence of that African nation.

A note issued by the Angolan Embassy in Havana recalls that mutual relations began to be built some centuries back by sons of  African nations, including Angola, who were brought to the then New World  by slave traders. The spirit of rebelliousness in those slaves and their love for freedom contributed to the struggle for Cuban independence.

The historic bonds of friendship and cooperation between Angola and Cuba, forged in the common struggle against colonialism and apartheid,  today flourish in many fields, the note from the Angolan Embassy states.  It adds  that today over four thousand Cubans work in Angola  in such key fields as health, against malaria, among other diseases.

Over 15 hundred Angolan youths are studying in Cuban Universities, while several other thousands that finished their education in the Caribbean Island are today contributing in their native land to the advancement of the country in the most diverse fields.

Angola and its people know that they will always be able to count on Cuba to advance their national reconstruction and development, while Cuba will continue to enjoy the eternal friendship, cooperation and solidarity of the people and Government of Angola.

Both countries established diplomatic relations on 15 November 1975, just four days after the proclamation of Angolan independence.(ACN)

Sources:   Cuba and Angola Mark Anniversary of Bilateral Relations

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